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Thread: Any (relatively simple) free game requests for Cydia/App Store?

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    Default Any (relatively simple) free game requests for Cydia/App Store?
    Hey guys, I've recently been looking into iPhone and Obj-c development for the last few months, and have made a good bit of progress with super basic plain apps (simple notepad type thing, tic tac toe and other simple games, accelerometer/GPS status, etc) and now I'm looking to start developing something a little more in-depth.

    I think games is a good place to start, I mean who doesn't love a good iPhone game , so do you guys have any requests? I'm not looking to make anything 3D, or an FPS'ers or anything crazy like that, but just something simple that can be fun, free, and have good replay value.

    I was thinking on developing a simple tetris game much like the old "Tris" that was on installer/cydia a while back in the days of 2.x.x software, that is a good example of the kind of simple games I'm looking to develop.

    That, or maybe a card game that has 5-10 popular card games in one app with a nice, clean, easy to use UI.

    So let me know if you want to see anything on Cydia/App Store for free and a nice description of what it is. If it is a really good idea I might just shoot you a PM to discuss more details!

    So thanks for all/any help or input, it is all greatly appreciated. I just want to give back to (you all) the iPhone community!
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    Bump.... 46 views and No Replies? I ask for game replies for ideas of games that I am willing to look into developing, because I want to, and no one has a game they want made?
    Haha wow well I'm a bit surprised..
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    A Tetris game with a twist would be awesome.
    Maybe something where you could rotate your phone and the pieces would fall from the other direction. Or just a landscape version of Tetris would be cool.

    If you need any help with the graphics for a game, let me know. I would be more than happy to help out.

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    Hey thanks for the reply!

    I agree, I would love to make a tetris game. I'm not sure if I would be able to get it into the App Store because of any copyright issues on the name "tetris" but it would definitely be on Cydia.

    Landscape is a great idea too. Landscape mode is the one thing I think every app should have, I would definitely incorporate a landscape mode into the app.

    Or maybe a game mode where pieces would start falling from a different direction randomly and you would have to tilt the phone and keep up. Great ideas.

    If I get anything built later on this summer, I will definitely shoot you a PM about graphics. I have very little experience with photoshop and creating graphics and things of that nature, I could really use some help!
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    I'd suggest delving into physics. Physics games are where it's at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BYTE-Smasher View Post
    Physics games are where it's at.
    Got any favorites? I'm not too familiar with physics games, I assume you are referring to stuff along the lines of Crayon Physics and what not?
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