For iPhone 3G, firmware 2.2.1 (5H11), jailbroken.

I have already made apps request recently (topic "Cool apps for iPhone 3G" - but that might come too large, and in general unclear for understanding)). Trying to make current request simple and only essential info.

Request for two following apps:

* App for easy lock. Simple "tap-to-lock" app - that means app that locks iphone when single tapping on that app's icon (locks directly to "disabled display" mode, not to the "lock screen"). There are some "more complex" solutions for that, but for now i haven't met any implementations of described simple "tap-to-lock" app.

* App for easy unlock. I tried some apps - one app makes "tap to unlock" instead of "slide to unlock"; another app allows pushing home button triply to enter "10 second unlock mode" (from Zotyo) - but i am not very happy with them, and requesting the app that unlocks iphone with SINGLE pressing of home button. This means that: when iphone is locked (display is disabled), when user presses home button, iphone awakes and shows DESKTOP (completely BYPASSING "lock screen") (or if that is impossible, then unlocking with two pressings of home button - first brings lock screen, second unlocks to springboard).

Already had mailed Zotyo last week - but unfortunately no reply from him for now... (