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Thread: Request: Unit Converter

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    Default Request: Unit Converter
    I've been loving all these native apps, but there's one I'm dying to see: a unit converter just like the unit converter widget. Lengths, weights, currencies, etc. I realize the currencies are a bit more difficult than the others since they'd require internet updating, but somebody pretty please try to build this app?? I'd be willing to chip in some funds a la a shareware application!

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    I second this.
    This would be very helpful.
    (The online one rarely works for me..)

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    Shall we start a list of people willing to chip in via paypal for somebody to build this thing?

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    theres a real good web app for this, including currency:

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    Yeah, I've used it-- but I'm not always online, and I hate having to launch safari, then go to a bookmark. I'm looking for some one stop coversion shopping! Also, it'd be nice to have one that looks & feels like the widget that I use all the time.

    The guy that created that web app needs to fix his spelling of Area, by the way
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    I was just going to post about a converter yesterday.

    This would be a great app to have!

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    anyone want to give this a try?? I tried installing the conversion widget, but it doesn't work, unfortunately.

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    would also like a native unit converter. Has one been made?

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    There is a way to do currencies using the stocks program.

    First go to the yahoo business site here and put in the currency conversion you would like on your iphone.

    When you've done that there will be a code that looks like this AUDUSD=X, just add that in the stocks program on iphone and voila, instant exchange rates.

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    i am mid development of this i would say i am 50 pct done I suppose I should setup a site so people can see it. For now I'll try to post screenshots here as soon as i can
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    Outstanding, JM. Looking forward to it.
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    I am excited as well. Im used to coding c# apps so objc is a new beast. Its been fun so far but i expect to have an alpha out by new years

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    i could use some help with feature suggestions on this one. Post them here if you have any requests

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    sooo... any news on this?

    honestly, the most basic of phones have a unit converter.

    edit: its only been 4 days. sorry. haha
    looking forward to it.

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    i will go back to deving this weekend. What kind of units would you guys like to see converted? Post suggestions here so i can include them in the app

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    i worked most of the weekend on it. I have the core ui done and have a game plan in place for the logic. I have attached some screenshots for those interested. Further details and up to date updates can be found on my dev forum at More to come soon
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    I think it's great that you are developing this, but I'm not too happy with the proposed implementation. It looks too complicated and too many tapps to get the info. Wouldn't it be easier to have the user enter a value, say 5 inches and then present all conversions possible in one fell swoop?
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    Couldn't you just use the desktop widget app and download the desktop widget on the phone. Wouldn't that work?
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    The possible combinations on conversion types would make the list lik 300 items long so a single selection system is ineffective. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the most effective way that would not drive people nuts. I personally would hate to drga my finger for a minute to find the one i was looking for. Ideas?

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    I don't understand why there would be 300. Say you have length: that would be like 8 conversions (depending on what units you would like to provide). Now if you want to have micro, decimeters, centi, and kilo, then yes there would be quite a few. But that isn't necessary, since you could an additional conversion for any metric unit that would convert meters into centi, deci, etc. Just enable that conversion whenever a unit is metric.

    Alternatively, if you really want all of those available and do a single conversion, then I would suggest you use the scroll wheels that Apple uses e.g. in the data/clock settings so the user can dial in the "From" unit and in the second wheel the "To" unit. But the long lists you are proposing don't seem to be very easy to use.
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