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Thread: Cool apps for iPhone 3G mod (and not only))

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    Default Cool apps for iPhone 3G mod (and not only))
    Hello. I'm using iPhone 3G 16Gb running on firmware 2.2.1 (5H11), jailbroken, modified: removed all side buttons (volume controls, silent mode toggle, on button) - so the side surface does not contain any "pushing out" elements. I'm very happy with my mod - can take it out from pocket and grab it any way, also firmly, not caring about "pressing something" - while using internet i hold it landscape with my left palm, firmly - from wrist to fingers - nothing makes mess while holding. The one more benefit is in the fact that iPhone itself is "smoothy and heavy" - there are alot of accidents from people when iphone dropped to ground and got broken instantly - with my mod i can hold my device firmly always and do not let it to the ground.

    The second task i'm trying to achieve on my mod - simple locking and unlocking. For easy lock, I (and alot of people over internet) are just PRAYING for simple "tap-to-lock" app - that means app that locks iphone when single tapping on that app's icon (locks directly to "disabled display" mode, not to the "lock screen"). There are some "more complex" solutions for that, but for now i haven't met any implementations of described simple "tap-to-lock" app. Then, unlocking. I tried some apps - one app makes "tap to unlock" instead of "slide to unlock"; another app allows pushing home button triply to enter "10 second unlock mode" - but i am not very happy with them, and wonder the app that unlocks iphone with SINGLE pressing of home button. This means that: when iphone is locked (display is disabled), when user presses home button, iphone awakes and shows DESKTOP (completely BYPASSING "lock screen") (or if that is impossible, then unlocking with two pressings of home button - first brings lock screen, second unlocks to springboard). With two described apps ("tap-to-lock" and "home-to-unlock") one could completely FORGET about the thing called "lock screen". These two apps are of my first, primary and utter request.

    Next, accepting calls. I have already installed app that allows "tap-to-accept", and it works ok; but there is a little (cosmetic) problem - generic "shining" text "slide to accept call" is shown too, and overlays on app's text "tap to unlock". Is there a way to make string "slide to accept call" blank? (i have already made blank text "slide to unlock", with some tweaking tool)

    Audio volumes. It would be very nice app with all volume levels adjustments gathered together - ringer volume, speaker volume (that can be in original iphone changed only during an active call), and may be some others.

    Toggling showing images in Safari. By now, I have "ImaSafari", which resides in general settings - the way to it is very long, time consuming and boring... and I enable-disable Safari images quite often... (at wifi point enable, when no wifi disable). It would be very good app which allows to toggle safari images with a single tap on that app's icon; status of showing images can be indicated by red mark on that app's icon (no mark - images enabled; "off" mark - images disabled).

    All for now. Thanks to developers who can make described apps; I hope very much to see that apps - especially first ones for easy locking and unlocking; for firmware 2.2.1 and hopefully for further firmwares (3.0, f.e.). And, lastly, please, one big ask about possible comments: please, do not recommend possible existing apps, that do "the same - but if you launch <someth>, then go <somewh>, then do <followng> - and at last you get result!". I've tried dozens of various apps, and am sure and clear about what I'm talking about. All my apps requests focus on "simple-use" apps - which works with as minimal user input as possible. Hope to see them very much...
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