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Thread: A new iPhone Application to access/backup your iPhone phonebook

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    The ZYB iphone app let's you access your contact list that you store on ZYB, from your iPhone on an iPhone user interface. It gives you remote access to your phone's contact list. You can see all the details of your contacts, call them directly from the interface, look them up on the integrated Google Maps and so on. Just go to and see it working.

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    I fail to see how this is useful at all.
    In fact I wouldn't use it just because im paranoid that when they fail at becoming the next superstar in social networking, they'll sell my information.

    Actually, the address book does quite a fine job of backing up ur contacts.
    Just click "backup". =)
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    The only benefit i can see here is if you need a number from your contact list, AND your iphone has died or was lost (why else would you be without your cell?), AND you are near an internet capable computer that is not yours (since your computer would have backed up all your contacts already). Basically, remote acces to your contact list seems to be the only reason to use this application. Everything else is already done rather seamlessly on the iphone by default (view contacts from iphone in an iphone interface, call from the contact list, look up address with google maps, and more).

    My paranoia keeps me from inputting my friends' and my contact info into websites that could potentially sell the info. Phone numbers and/or addresses? dude, email spam is bad enough on the web...

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    Default iphone contact list export

    Reading this thread and am looking for some help.

    Purchased a Pioneer in-dash car stereo/bluetooth/GPS unit and am using my iPhone with it. iPhone will not export my contact list to the unit so I still hve to grab the phone and choose from my contact list to call (rather than it all being on the Pioneer touch screen in front of me.

    I am told that iPhone cannot export it's contact list for uses like this? Anybody know how to do this?

    Any 3rd party software out there that does this?



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    Just so everyone knows the 3G is not supported......

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