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Thread: Yell, call or whistle to your iphone to find it

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    Default Yell, call or whistle to your iphone to find it
    Hey guys,
    I was looking for a simple application for my precious iphone. I have the bad habbit of forgeting where I'm putting my iphone around the house, and if I don't have another phone around me to call my iphone it's a really pain in the ... to find my iphone; so I was thinking of an application which allows us to call, yell or whistle around the house to find the iphone: "Hey, IPHONE, where are you? and the iphone can answer by ringing or makeing some noise, so we can localize it. What do you think about it, does anyone have this kind of problem or am I the only blonde in here? lol

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    You lose your iphone. Sinner.

    Hahahahahahahaha, Actually an app like that would most certainly kill your battery quickly...because it would have to run in the background constantly. Unless you wanna turn it on everytime you put your phone down, which would kinda defeat the purpose.

    Plus, I dont know if the mic would be sensitive enough....or too sensitive to go off on its own.

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    You're kinda right cpjr, but I still think it's a good idea; at least an app that can be turn on everytime you want, as for me, everytime I get in the house, as I don't loose my iphone, in fact I'm very fond of my iphone; I just have this problem when I get home, 'cause I know the iphone is safe!lol

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    It would be kinda cool. Like one of those keychains that beeps when you whistle

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    I'm not gonna lie this sounds retarded! But it would be pretty sick if I just yelled iPhone and it started ringing or had some little computer voice saying "here I am" or somethin like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    It would be kinda cool. Like one of those keychains that beeps when you whistle
    There you go stick one of those keychains on the iphone or stich it in a case and slip the phone in the case.
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    Playing hide and go seek with you iphone? Lame

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