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    as far as i know, there is no way to manage the custom words in the dictionary on the iFone.. . so an app to do this would be cool? i have alot of words ive used that i'd like to delete cause when i spell "somthing" sometimes i get "soymthong"

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    I'd like something like this, if only just to get rid of "LOL" and "ATM".

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    hahah, i know. . i like 'lol' not 'LOL'.. . how come my phone doesnt understand my emotions also :-/

    it'd be cool if when using emotionicons too, that they actually appear . . like on google chat. . .

  4. #4 i have this alot...
    me: "LOL, yeah i'll call you later"
    them: "why did you just yell "lol" at me"
    me: "oh sry... my iphizzy just does that"

    i tried looking through the files to see if i can find one to just edit the saved words, but no luck, this would be very helpful... someone please

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    the emoticon things will probably work when the AIM app comes out, well...i wonder how they will deal with aim text's? u know you can text people for free from aim. they will probably not allow that huh.

    oh yeh but about the app to manage custom words, its a good idea, but there are probably such a huge vocab list, it would take forever to go through it all.

    maybe if the app was like set up like things might run smoother. When you find words that the phone tries to auto correct or that you that you dont like, you can go to the app and start typing it in. As you type in each letter, the scroll list in the middle part refreshes to show whe options that the phone has for that set of letters and you can delete or edit them.

    this could also be useful for setting up shortcuts. for instance lets say for some reason you type out a long phrase or word a lot. you could set any combination of characters to take place of that word or phrase, and then every time you type that combination it would auto replace to that word or phrase.

    even better, i often get texts from people asking me to send a text back to them with a certain persons number because they lost it or something. If so-and-so wanted to get John Appleseed's number, i could just type "here it is JA#" and it would auto replace that combo with the persons number.

    seems pretty cool to me. I wish the phone was able to better estimate the word you were going to use by looking at the entire phrase, like you would find in MS Word.

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    I agree. I've been searching for something like this for awhile now. I would even pay money for something like this.

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