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Thread: Transparent Icons !

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    Default Transparent Icons !
    Is there any "app" or whatever that makes all icons a little bit transparent?

    I know there is themes that has transparent icons but its not what Im after.

    I want an app that transparents ALL of the icons you have, because most themes dont have an icon image for EVERY app out there.
    So it should be pretty easy makin an app that just fades icons.

    So is there something like this out there? Because I havnt found it and I want it alot!
    and I bet aaaaaloooot folks would love it too

    Just an simple app where you can determine how transparent you want your icons, shouldnt be so hard?

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    sounds like a good idea...

    not seen anything though, may be possible by putting a semi-transparent version of the background image infront of the buttons. somehow!

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    Well the thing is when I change themes I've seen the icons go transparent, so there must be a code in the iphone for making the icons transparent.

    If a good coder could take that code, make an app that forces the iphone too use that code, you wouldnt have to change anything, no images, just pure coding .


    Noticed when you unlock that the icons are transparent?
    well, they are and I have proof!
    Look close on the first image, see how every icon is transparent?

    So can a coder now plz do it for me because obviously there is an transparent function within the iPhone

    I also found a file in a theme called "info.plist", where you could change opacity on certain things, shouldnt you be able to change the opacity on the icons there too?
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