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Thread: Exchange Account App

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    Red face Exchange Account App
    Alright, I'm sure this has been done or asked of before, but at the risk of getting flamed...

    I get my company email and contacts from the Exchange Server and the Calendar from Google. I would like to have some solution to have the Microsoft Exchange Email and Contacts plus the Google Calendar on the iPhone. (the Microsoft calendar isn't necessary)

    Any ideas?

    I know there are a lot of Google to Outlook Sync Apps, but what about Google Exchange to Microsoft Exchange Sync Apps?

    PS What's Jailbreak?

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    1) microsoft exchange is supported through the default mail app
    2) are u joking?

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    I'm sorry, maybe you didn't fully understand my post or I didn't state it clear enough.

    1) I would like to have Mail and Contacts from Microsoft Exchange and the Calendar from Google. Both are considered Exchange accounts so then the default app will only allow one of them to reside on the iPhone.

    HOWEVER, I don't care to have Google email or Contacts (because they don't sync correctly with our Microsoft Exchange and the 1,000's of contacts and emails we have) and our company doesn't use Microsoft Exchange Calendars because Google Calendar is just plain better and has features that MS Exchange just doesn't.

    So what I'm looking around for is if anybody has an app that will take only the Google Calendar (not Google and Outlook Calendar, just Google) and only the MS Exchange Email and Contacts.

    2) I'm not joking...

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    NemusSync does this

    I have Exchange on the Iphone pointed to my company for emails, calendars and contacts

    I have NemusSync pointed at Google to add Google calendars (Push/Sync)

    Seems like it is the correct solution for you.

    In the Exchange account you can easly set it for only Emails and Contacts and NemusSync for Google calendars

    * Note - it is important to do the exchange setup first (since it writes over all Cal/Contacts) then do NemusSync (it will add to the Cal/Contacts)

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    for your controversial question on a jailbreaking and hacking forum

    it cant get anymore thorough than that

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