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Thread: Alarm Clock like Jarvis from Ironman

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    Default Alarm Clock like Jarvis from Ironman
    How about an alarm clock app that instead of playing music it would say things like;
    "Good Morning <Name>, the current weather conditions <weather>, You have <#> e-mails.. etc"

    This would be similar to Jarvis from Ironman. I would love to try and make this app, but I have limited programming knowledge and only PC's (not Mac).

    Let me know what you all think and how feasible this would be.

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    sounds good to me but i have no idea how to program something like that

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    that would be easy

    what languages do you know

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    Check out
    Mac only and need to be scheduled by external means but does everything you want. You can download the code there. Enjoy!


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    Default Jarvis on MAC, PC and LINUX
    Hey guys,

    I built an Adobe AIR widget in a few hours that tells the current weather for a given location, no speech yet but will look at adding it if there is interest.

    It will run on MAC, PC and Linux.

    It can be download it from:

    and you can leave any comments at:

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    which folder should i place this in? and i would LOVE IT if you added voice!

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    You could have a look at Sleep.FM - The Social Alarm Clock

    They look to be planning an app for the iPhone which will do something like what you require.
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    Default I want to help.
    Any app developers that want help on testing apps please PM me. I have always wanted to help test an app, and I dont want it just for 3.0 I already have it.

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    Ryan here from Sleep.FM. Wanted to let you know our alarm sounds are open source for users and play in any media player that streams .m3u. If your interested in building an alarm app (desktop, iPhone, etc) and want to include Sleep.FM sounds as alarm options, please get in touch Sleep.FM - The Social Alarm Clock!

    Directions (In URL it says zip code enter your zip code)
    1. Open Winamp or iTunes or a iTouch or iPhone alarm app -->file--> open URL
    2. Type for current weather.
    3. Type for todays 12 hour forecast
    4. Type to hear both; hear #2 & #3

    Again you need to replace the word zipcode with your own zip code, like which gives you full weather report for NYC.
    If you live outside the states you need to use Location ID. Find your ID
    here ASP.NET Resources - Determine location ID for the weather server control.

    If you are interested in helping us test applications like Aurora alarm clock for MAC desktop(wakes your computer up) and Citrus Alarm Clock for Windows, please let us know here! We are testing these now but need more data before we publicly support them. We are not aware of iPhone alarm apps that stream .m3u playlist... yet.

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    Smile Windows VB Jarvis Prototype
    Hiya Everyone,

    Umm i'm using windows vista at the moment, so please don't kill me as i know this is a site for Apple, but i am in the process of building a JARVIS type piece of software using Visual Basic 6 on windows. Basically it downloads, and reads RSS headlines which you can choose to select, and then automatically reads them out to you at certain times, like midday or whatever using the Microsoft SAPI software. It will also be able to tell you any important events going on that you have set, it will be able to open other external programs, and be able to say your name etc. It is still in the build satage at the moment and so only half completed. But when i finish it, which should be in the next couple of weeks, would anyone be interested in trying it out for me if anybody has a pc running windows xp or vista? I would be most grateful. Thanks in advance...


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    i would love to give it a try dude sounds great im running XP , Vista and windows 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by physicistjedi View Post
    Check out
    Mac only and need to be scheduled by external means but does everything you want. You can download the code there. Enjoy!

    If anyone could figure out how to port this over to the iphone, it would be exactly what your looking for.
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    hi guys

    im running windows 7 at the moment and im trying to put together a Jarvis style computer control program. ive started by doing some research into the looks and feel of the Stark Industries computer system.
    basically any help you guys can give is appreciated and if theree any similar programs that need testing then let me know and ill test them out for you, that way i can learn and gain ideas at the same time.

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    Someone has been doing this guys... check this out! J.A.R.V.I.S System | Facebook It has speech recognition and all the other Jarvis stuff including morning alarm!

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    I found here great knowledge about OS.

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