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Thread: VPNC on iPhone

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    Default VPNC on iPhone
    Has anyone tried to compile the open source vpn client (vpnc) at for the iPhone? It has been used successfully for the Sharp Zaurus. Unfortunately it is the only thing that will work with our University's wireless network. I may attempt it when I have a chance but if someone has already gotten this to work it would be helpful :-)


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    I think that's the problem with my wireless access at My College I've been slowly but surely checking this out being that I'm not very versed on networking, but I do know that at the college where I'm located my g4 apple find the wifi connection no problem but my Iphone a diffrent story I even asked the guys in the IT/IS department and they treated me
    as if there was nothing wrong or it was an issue with the Iphone could someone please help me with this

    This would be definatly one to grow on
    Thank you in advance
    Ever since I bought this Iphone it's made me want to get more into scripting,programing etc.... who says gadget don't help you grow
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    I suspect you need an wpa_supplicant that can be used for 802.11 wireless networks, since you can't even see the access points. Still no do there either though :-/

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    no I can see the access ports and my iphone says it's on the wireless network but when I try to use the internet safari browser it gets stuck at the ht part of http for a long time before it cancels out man I've been trying to figure this out for a long time now I mean the only other place I use wireless internet is at my home making this a bummer.

    when I use the new stumbler hacx it reads its not using WPA nor WEP secure connection
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    Then it sounds the same as ours at PSU.

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    Yes, I too work on a campus and the network here is 802.1X/PEAP. Sucks, because I would have Wifi all over campus if I could connect! I also posted a request in the forums as well ( Would be great since I spend a lot of time here and kill the battery doing normal everyday things

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    First I'd like to say thank goodness I'm not the only person having this problem makes me feel a little better, my apoligies for with the few with the same problems.

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    Man I hope we can get this, I too have Wifi all over the campus here at NIU, but can't connect to anything.

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    Guys, I am in the same situation: need PEAP or LEAP to get access here on Campus (Laval U. in Quebec city). Pleeaaase let me know when you find something !

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    Default Same here
    Yup same here. It seems that if someone can figure out how to use an IpSec VPN connection is going to help us all out. Or like said before, most off us will be helped with the PEAP connection thing. Someone should make an app for this and make lots of money. I would want to pay for it. So who wants to make money?

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    vpnc is now available through Cydia, installed it but do not know how to launch it... or set it up...
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    I would be interested in that as well

    I got Cydia installed but cant even find vpnc in the sources

    seems like the Cydia pages are in french - anyone got English docs ?

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