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Thread: Request: Wifi on/off app

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    Default Request: Wifi on/off app
    Please could you make an app which when clicked turned the wifi on or off. there would be nothing to see, except the buttons, no options, nothing, you would just continue to see your home screen. The icon would then indicate weather the wifi is on or off, so a little tick on the wifi sign if it is on, and nothing if it is off, or the icon is grey when off and coloured when on.
    one touch of the icon and the wifi status would be instantly changed.
    if anyone could make this... please would you!

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    There is an app that is similar to this on the iphone currently. I had it on 1.1.1, i assume it was updated for other versions as well. When you clicked on the icon it opened up a new window and it allowed you to toggle bluetooth, wifi, edge and ssh on and off.

    It was not just a click on the homepage to toggle wifi like your looking for but it did allow you to toggle it on and off.

    I cant remember the name of this app but you should be able to find it without much difficulty.

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    yea, i know about that, its called bossprefs
    however its not quite what im looking for... i would much prefer a one-touch solution which clearly shows whether its on/off and can toggle between the two status' literally transparently

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    clicking settings is too hard ?

    Having a dynamic icon is tough, and has been wanted for other apps, but since the icon is just a picture, not interacting with any information, it won't be able to change depending on whether wifi is on/off.

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    AH! Thanks!
    just what i was looking for!

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