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Thread: Google video working on iphone!!!...Native Google Video player/downloader now needed.

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    Default Google video working on iphone!!!...Native Google Video player/downloader now needed.
    Hey guys,
    just a quick post regarding something i just discovered i could do but need an easier way of doing it...

    OK so the story goes like this...Google video has just re-implemented a feature that allows users to download MP4 files of their videos to sync to "ipod/psp" was a feature of the site for a while...then it mysteriously dissapeared and now it has magically reappeared.....

    for example if you click on this link with your computer you will see the link in the details tab next to the embed link


    NOW...if you go to Google Video on your iphone and try to search for anything it will allow the search but when you want to click thru to your chosen video it wont allow you to....

    BUT....if you enter the exact address from above into mobile safari it WILL take you to that page and if you click the "download video-ipod/psp".....PRESTO!! you are watching google video!!!

    NOW...there must be a way of doing this in a much easier way..maybe a webapp or a 3rd party that searches and interfaces the google video site then as you click your chosen link it goes direct to the "download video-ipod/psp" option...

    Before i tried this i was thinking i may be able to download the videos as i have the safari download plug-in installed on my phone but i got a stream instead which im not really complaining just happy as google video is a great stop for a documentary enthusiast like me!!

    is there anybody out there that could come up with something like this??
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    Have you heard of MxTube...check it out on Cydia.

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    hey mate,
    maybe im missing something here but ive had mxtube since 1.x.x and ive only known it as a youtube download application and not for any other video streaming service. In fact ive emailed the developer hoping he could incorporate what im talking about in this post. Care to eleborate how i would go about downloading google video videos with mxtube?
    thanks in advance

    update.....well i just checked mxtube. When i click search it asks if i wanna search or youtubemobile. And only youtube mobile was selectable... the other feature was not yet implemented. No option to search Google Video. You must have a secret beta or something you lucky guy you...
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