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Thread: textin/emailing sideways and mms app

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    Default textin/emailing sideways and mms app
    Ok so this may be to hard/impossible i have no idea about writing apps so let me just get some feedback for this idea. Nasically someone should make a native app that uses emai to send sms and mms. meaning you'd be able to send sms sidways, and pictures to other phones. read this about sing email for mms. iPhone Tips & Tricks: Send and receive MMS on your iPhone - iPhone Hacks

    all u would need to know is what carrier theyre on

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    you can send pictures to other phones. a buggy program does exist for texting sideways, and texting through email is pretty impossible, just get an unlimited texting plan..

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    Well, if your interested there is an app in Cydia called RealSMS that allows for landscape texting. I dont really like it though. And yeah you can send/receive pics from email, but the problem is having to input each contact's carrier information, which also means having to know them. Even if an app was developed for this, it wouldnt be anymore powerful than the mail app on the phone and would still require user input for each contact/carrier info.

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    realsms just isnt worth texting sideways to me, but what i mean is when u send a pic through this itll ask like which pic then which number out of ur contacts, and then ask what carrier theyre on. This would be much easier and prettier then going nd having to enter theirnumber, carrier extnsion, etc. and textng sideways could just be an add on to this app

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    ok so seeing how this idea hasnt taken off the way i hoped it could, i threw together this screenshot to try to show what the interface would be like. and yes that is just a slight edited picture of swirlymms.

    by selecting the person from your contacts or putting in a ten digit number, and then specifying the carrier, the app would automatically set up the "to" via the workaround i posted above.
    ok so the positves of this app
    1. it could include texting sideways if wanted
    2. mms via the email app
    3. no cost, plus u can send messages when u only have wifi, no cellular data

    -u would need to know the carrier of the person ur trying to message.
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