i'm interested if there is some program available for the iphone, so it can work like nokia 8800 arte... if the phone rings, and you turn it face down, then it mutes the ringing... maybe would work also if shake-to-mute, but not sure about that...because if the phone is in your pocket and you are running it would mute the phone.not sure.

also it would be kewl if the phone is ringing and you put it to your ear then it accepts the call automatically...like the way it turns off the display if you put it to your ear.

on youtube i found only a video from a china copy sapphire arte, but it works this way:
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGQmCsNFcl0"]YouTube - NOKIA 8800 Sapphire Arte Using Display[/ame]

let me know if its a good idea