Hi all,

I am the owner of a sports website and i need a person or a team, very familiar in creating iPhone/iPod applications, in order to create an Application which will offer real time Live score informations to end-users for 6 different sports.

I also own the rights of the data, which i will provide it to the developer in XML format, with all the necessary parsing documentation.

Application must be compatible with all released iPhone/iPod versions so far and while this is going to be an on-going co-operation, it must be able of course to be fixed (if necessary) and work with future firmware releases as well. The only requirement i have at this point is that the Application layout (design) must be exactly like iPhone's pre-installed applications with no extra or extreme colors, draws etc...

I consider this project completed under 2 options:

OPTION 1: I will pay developer for the entire project and then he will transfer me all the rights of publishing, using, modifying and/or
selling it and no mention shall be made in his name or brand. Then application will be reffered as created by and belonging to my brand.

OPTION 2: I will offer the data and developer will offer the project job with no payment required. Then developer's name or brand shall be mentioned with mine, in the "Contact" field, and in "About" details.

"More Info" link should point to page within my website where all details will be described.
"Name" of the application has already been decided.

I am open in both options so any interest party shall just tell me what option he prefers, or suggest me any other option.
My website receives quite good ammount of traffic daily and of course i will promote this application in several ways.
Application will be offered to users for free, but in a future release there might be some extra features added and a subscription or a one-time fee may be requested.
But, this release shall be 100% free for use.
There is a small thought that this project should be created as a "Widget" instead of "Application" but this is subject to be decided with selected developer.

Whithout underestimating anyone's skills or professionalism i will have to mention that i consider this project as very important to my brand's reputation like any other service we deliver to our visitors so far.
Because of the confidential contents of my data XML documentation i will have to request a NDA in advance before proceeding with selected party, and i believe that slected OPTION of our co-operation should be signed by both parties as well.

I am not quite sure if forum rules allow replies or discussions posted in the forum or any interest party should PM me instead, so any authority person or mod may kindly advice so. But you can PM me in any case.

This project has not been posted elsewhere at the moment as i consider this website as my best initial selection.
This is my first post here, so if i have accidently chosen this sub-forum, i hope mods will forgive me and move my thread to a more suitable sub-forum.

Thank you all