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Thread: I Have A Good Idea

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    Default I Have A Good Idea
    From what I've seen, the iphone is a really powerful computer. Yet, I've been hearing people say that we can't put an N64 emulator on it. Here me out on this. I mean, doesn't the iphone have osx, which makes it a lot more powerful than whatever os, (was it windows?) that ran on the N64. Also, the N64 could only play games! It couldn't even run simple programs! You can even store multiple programs on the iphone and switch between them without different cartridges! It seems to me that we can run an N64 on the iphone, if we can get somebody to work on an emulator. Please reply with your thoughts.

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    we alredy tried putting ps1 on it works!.....but unbelievably s-l-o-w and unplayable
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    Wasn't the PS1 like, a lot more powerful than the N64? I mean there were so many more games it had to support throughout its lifetime. Yay! More hope for an N64 emulator!

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    i totally agree. i tried to get this idea going a while bac but nobody was interested. and the major reason n64 would b diff from ps1 was tht a ps1 gamewas a) a disc, making the files isos, requireing a lot more program as a daemon was involved b)2+ GB each whereas n64 roms are about 10-20 mb, a BIG difference...
    if i had enough programming expierience i wouldve made this months ago

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    I would support the idea, though I have no programming knowledge. I also am unaware of the amount of actual ram that the Iphone has. I do know that some of the GBA games dont run, such as THPS2 and Golden Sun. If its not powerful enough to run those, I dont know that any N64 games would have a shot. But good idea!
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