so i've read through a few tutorials on how to wirelessly sync my iphone, using amarok and i'm stuck.

my first hiccup came by way of the bsd subsystem package's lack of appearance on either cydia or installer. it is nowhere to be found.

so after googling and searching, i figured i would just continue on and see how far i could get without it, since i just jailbroke my iphone today for this specific reason.

next hiccup came while trying to use openSSH? i think? i'm kind of lost on how all this is working, so i'm just taking a guess here. anyway, a popup..uh..popped up asking for "[email protected]'s password"

again, i went googling. i found 2 different passwords: Mobile and alpine

neither worked. my iphone won't mount. here is where i am stuck. am i using the wrong passwords? where is the bsd subsystem package? any suggestions?

thank you!