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Thread: Best iPhone OWA sync? Emoze?

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    Default Best iPhone OWA sync? Emoze?
    What's the best, simplest hosted solution for sync'ing iPhone with my corporate OWA account? I signed up for Emoze and I can't get it to work. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong or perhaps Emoze just isn't is as good as I had hoped.

    Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Also, after entering my account info on, I used the Exchange option when setting up a new email account on my iPhone. Maybe I should be using IMAP or POP3 instead?

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    well, i signed up for emoze forums but the admin never accepted my request, so i still can't post . i also sent an email to support but haven't heard back from them either. it's been about 4 days. maybe they're busy?

    so to get this working there's two steps, first register with emoze and second, setup your iphone.

    step 1: here's how i filled things out when registering with emoze
    Email: I used the email address from work - [email protected]
    User Name: my login ID for OWA
    Domain: when i log into OWA, I have to type domain\username in the ID field, so I used my login domain name in this field
    URL: (i didn't include http:// since I figured this was understood and not necessary.

    step 2: setup mail account on iphone
    Settings -> Mail -> Add Account -> Other -> IMAP (wasn't sure to choose IMAP, POP or Exchange)
    Name: My full name
    Address: [email protected]
    Description: Emoze
    Incoming & Outgoing
    Host Name:
    User Name: [email protected] (emoze instructions said to use the email address I registered with)
    Password: OWA password

    Clicked Save and the first error is Secure Connection Failed: The certificate for "Emoze" may be invalid. I click continue and a few seconds later I get a checkmark next to every entry field and iPhone returns me to the Mail menu with a new email account called Emoze.

    I go back to the home screen and click the Mail button -> Emoze -> Inbox -> and the little circle at the bottom to refresh the screen and no emails show up. I try sending an email to my yahoo acct and I never get it. obviously i'm doing something wrong.

    Thanks for the help

    ok, I just realized something that may be of value too. when I go to, I don't get an outlook wecome screen where I enter my userid and pw. instead, I get a separate popup login window, like you do for secure sites or an FTP site and it says the server requires a login. maybe i should be using this URL instead?

    Here's an even better question. I work from home and I don't have to be on the VPN for outlook to sync with the server. When I start outlook it asks for a username and pw and sync's over http (or so someone told me). If i'm using the VPN, then I don't have to type my id and pw. Is there a way to get the iphone to connect to the server the same way outlook does over http?
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