I'd love to see a native artillery game developed for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Several classics exist in this genre; games like Gorillas (one of two games distributed with Qbasic WAY back when) Scorched Earth (another DOS oldie), and, more recently, the Worms series by Team 17.

The game is as simple as it is addicting, your sole purpose is to obliterate your enemy. You do so by choosing the angle and power that you'd like to hurl your chosen weapon at, and press 'Fire'. The projectile flies along its path, either hitting your opponent (Awesome.), or missing the mark entirely (Lame.)

These games all have similarities; a broad range of weapons, destructive terrain (that is, hitting a spot on the ground leaves a crater) and obstacles that make hitting your opponent difficult, and hitting yourself by accident that much more likely. Some also include things like mines and power-ups that give an advantage to the side that uses them first.

I would think that the iPhone/iPod Touch could really up the ante in this genre. If the accelerometer were to be integrated such that tilting the device changes the dynamics of how the projectile behaves. For example, if I choose a grenade, and I toss it in a direction, perhaps tilting my iTouch in the same directin would result in the grenade moving further in the direction I tossed it.

Perhaps the entire 'world' reacts to the relative 'down force', and landscape elements slide onto opponents at the tilt of the device. Another possibility; lakes or sand pits can react, creating waves that flow over and destroy those close to the edge. Clearly, these things would have to be thought out to determine how they could best add to the genre, but I think there's a potential to make a great concept even better.

An artillery game that captures elements of iPhysics and EvolutionRGB could make for a very unique (and very fun) playing experience.

In summary, I'm thinking that the hardware of this device would make for a very cool Artillery Game.