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Thread: Smart Dialer

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    Default Smart Dialer
    I'd love the iphone to have a smart dialer in the built-in dial pad. Once you dial a number or two, the dialer learns from your contacts who you are dialing, so you can just select it from the list. Start dialing area code 856, when you get to the "5", the program figures out who the 8-5- people are.

    Kate has it, but I don't want to pay $45 for it(i know Kate has other aspects, but most of them I have already with Intelliscreen). Used to have an app like this on my Treo called "TAKEphone"

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    I thought, IIRC, I had something similar to this on a Nokia I had at one point in time. Maybe the Nokia N73. I think I'd start spelling their name, and it'd narrow down the search via the contacts. I used it a lot.

    Cool thing was that I could do it without looking at the keypad/phone. Had it setup with 'quick keys'.

    Great idea for an iPhone app. Maybe get to it via assigning it to the Home button shortcut (like you already can do via settings, or like Intelliscreen works). I bet either of the methods would fly for the App Store.

    I'd pay for it!

    Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

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    Would throw a few bucks out for it, as well! Hint hint.

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    Hi all,

    I am happy to say that an iPhone version of the TAKEphONE application is already pending for review & approval for the AppStore.

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    thank God. I do hope its free

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    hey guys, doesn't QuickGold allow one to do this?

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    I didnt know about that, just tried it out. Its a great app, but its not the one we are looking for. You know how to use T9 right? Well in some phones you can use T9 to write the contact's name, and then dial. Makes the process a lot faster, this one's good too though. Thanks for pointing it out

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    Wow, TAKEphOne for the iphone...great!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aayman_farzand View Post
    thank God. I do hope its free

    If you mean TAKEphONE - afraid not - currently $5 (still pending approval for the AppSotre by Apple).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAKEphONE View Post

    If you mean TAKEphONE - afraid not - currently $5 (still pending approval for the AppSotre by Apple).
    thought so. It does replace the default Dialer completely right? or do i have to launch a Takephone application, then search for contacts? I'm asking cause its an official app, not sure if Apple would allow replacing of the default Dialer

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    When is word on approval expected? Can't wait for it!

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    Any word on this? All my Windows Mobile phones had this functionality. I miss it.

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    Hi all,

    Still "in review"...

    Maybe you guys can email Apple ?

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    would be nice but I think it would have to be done by apple... apple MIGHT allow an app to be launched which will do this but I doubt they will allow their native dialer to be overwritten. Having to launch an app to do this is pointless, at least in my opinion.
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    anything new on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinner23 View Post
    anything new on this?

    If you mean new about TAKEphONE - still pending review...

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    You should just release it in Cydia. Dont think Apple will allow this anyway.

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    An old colleague of mine is the founder of the company that created TAKEphOne, according to him it has been approved for the App Store and is awaiting contract review. Should be up pretty soon!

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    Quick question. While waiting for TAKEphone to be released, I bought "Smart Dialer" of iTunes. Looks like a good product, but I noticed that within in the program, it has "Keypad", "Dialed"(calls made), "Contacts"(standard contacts" and "Settings". No "voicemail" section and in the "Dialed" calls, it doesn't have "missed calls". Will TAKEphONE have VM and missed? To me, that's a must have.

    Additionally, can any developer figure out how to insert the smart dialing code into the plist for the standard phone app?

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    Shinner23: I have the developer of Smart Dial. Thanks for your purchase. In my opinion Smart dial is currently the best dialer right now in the app store for contacts searching.

    Now regarding your question, no VM and missed call (any kind of log information) is off limit from 3rd party applications. No apps on the app store will be able to do this for you.

    Currently Smart Dial's combination of features are unmatched:
    • No contact sync required. Most dialers sync on start-up which can take up to 10 seconds or more. Start dialing with Smart Dial immediately.
    • Large familiar keypad. Why bother with small keys that making dialing more difficult?
    • The ONLY dialer with smart logic such as default phone number and recently dialed calls to keep your number of taps to a minimum.

    iTunes link
    Product link


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