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Thread: FLIP ALL: Simple workaround for DEAD ZONE issue

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    Exclamation FLIP ALL: Simple workaround for DEAD ZONE issue
    Many of us are experiencing a "dead zone": a small strip on the top or bottom that no longer responds to touch. Though Apple is quick to replace these defective units, those of us who have jailbroken & hacktivated are out of luck (help re-virginizing anyone??)

    A Simple workaround that will allow me to type the bottom row again (or use ipod controls, or anything else that lies under my dead zone) is an app that flips the entire screen around no matter what you are in, when phone is flipped end-to-end, so I can type with the other end of my touch screen.

    Not perfect, but there's so much I can't do without typing. ...Please?

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    my iphone 2g was dropped and the screen cracked. i have a dead top half and right 1/3 of the screen. i tried increasing sensitivity, didnt fix it. its hardware is broken.

    an app that would flip any screen in any direction would be the only workaround vs actually fixing the phone (for like $200). if anyone can tackle this i would much appreciate it.

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    This would be very useful for me as well.

    on my 1G touch there is a small strip at the bottom which is dead, just big enough to make the bottom row of the on screen keyboard un-useable. The thing is out of warranty and the glass/touch panel are replacements from eBay anyway (it took a bit of a(n expensive) smash at one point , the headphone socket died that day too). Thankfully, I have been given a new 2g touch for my birthday so I don't really need this old broken one, but it would be a shame to have and (almost) working touch go to waste, so this would be very useful.

    (sorry for slight wall of (pointless) text)

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    I PM'd you... check your inbox.

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    Can you tell me where to get that flip app to switch location of my dead strip?

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    i have the same problem with my 2g, was dropped in water and after drying out everytihng works but a little strip right at the top row of my keyboard. I have learned to work arouind this with gettin programs like irealsms for texting because i can use landscape typing, and otehr apps like vlingo to do my map searching with out having to type. hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by clandrea View Post
    Can you tell me where to get that flip app to switch location of my dead strip?
    It doesnt exist.

    Read the thread, people are requesting such an app.

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    lol i have even had to go as far as vnc-ing into my iphone to click how sad

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