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Thread: weTool for 2.0.1

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    Default weTool for 2.0.1
    Please please please please!!!!!!! for 2.0.1 3g!?!?!?!?!?  6040

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    I would 2nd that, i loved this program

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    me too!
    I love this app also!

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    Well if the app would be a chick i would of married it "LOL"
    No serious i back it up . I am in the music bizz and i can 't live with out text forwarding or sending contacts 4ward so basicly PLEASE FINISH THIS APP i really need it on my 3g iphone 2.0.1 ( i even downgraded my old iphone back and leaving my new iphone at home because i don't have the forward function on it ) So shame on apple that they didn't fix this or something (text 4warding en contact 4warding is EU standert ) without it i am back in the stone age. Also app SMSD (for same functions as weitool or isms ) man we are waiting !! Oh and here's some info on the app store there is an app cold send contact (it SUCKS ) because it send vCards thrue email and i need it to send it threw text messeging.

    PLEASE HURRY UP weTool you can even urn a shitload of cash to put it on APP store !! there are over couple of million people who need this app !!

    Keep up the good work

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    I was looking for the same thing for a while now.
    I found on cydia the app named bitesms.

    Basically it is more less the with the ability to forward and delete individual message.

    to forward or delete an individual message, just select the message in the thread an move your finger on the right or left.

    Many people (like me before), can think that you can only use it if you pay their credit (it is a sms internet service), but not a all. U have the option to send the sms from your operator (normal way).

    It is still under active development, but the app is usable enough.

    I recommend it. I'm not affiliated to this company.

    The best so far, as the only one for 2.0.x

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    I loved this app too! I dont just want it for the texting... I sometimes need to delete individual texts and phone calls you know! Shhhhhh.
    All is... so Accept and Just Be

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    any updates on this? or still nothing new?

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    i hate not knowing i was dreaming last night of driving with an old subaro, having barely enough money to get a decent meal and then forwording an sms i got from one friend to another.. it was totally sweet !!!
    woke up to firmware 2.0.1 with no wetool please help !!!

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    agree with fabkk2002. i have been using biteSMS for some while now and its a pretty good app. it can forward smses, delete individual msgs., has a character count, can be set as default text app, send msgs thru biteSMS or mobile carrier etc. The only thing it cannot do is forward contacts. but it is a very good replcement for the stock msg app at present. actually i kinda only liked SMSD (never liked WeTool) before but now i dont miss it after using biteSMS.

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