I am finding the need for a TVOut application. Currently, the TVOut only works when movies are playing, or a slideshow is started. I would like for an app where you click on the icon, and the TVOut is force started, outputting everything on the screen.

I would personally want this to work on the iPhone AND the iPod Touch.

If any established developers have time and find this project to be either interesting or easy, please PM me with the apps you have created thus far. If it appears that you would try to accomplish this, I will fork out the $50 for a TVOut cord for you to keep and use for experimentation.

Note: I have looked through the source files for the Iphone/Itouch and have found various functions and classes regarding 'TVOut,' but because I am not a C++ developer and have no experience (or time) to dig deeper into this, I do not have the capability to do it myself.

Thanks for reading.