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Thread: why does this app NOT exist?? (battery charging)

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    Default why does this app NOT exist?? (battery charging)
    Hey all, first post...

    as soon as I saw this forum I had to post this app I've been thinking about since I got my iPhone.

    I had a samsung (A516) for a couple of months before I realized that I could not stand small cell phone screens, so I got myself a 1st gen iPhone and realized there was one thing my samsung phone had that my iPhone didn't.

    When my samsungs battery was low, I would plug it in and the phone would only charge itself until the battery refilled, not any further. It would turn off the 'charging' feature when it found that the battery was at 100%. This would help maintain the lithium battery, ensure that you're not going to juice out your battery's power in a short period and you wouldn't have to wait until its 100% and then pull out right away to prevent over-charging.

    So my question is: Does this already exist for the iPhone? Is the iPhone already charging itself to 100% and then turning off the charge but just not telling us, or is it charging all the time, even if you keep it plugged in?

    I doubt Apple would let this in the AppStore... so third party away!!

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    i dunno. good question...

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    i had a samsung also and yes that feature was great they should make that 4 the iphone
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    That was a problem with the old lithium batteries, not so much the case with newer batteries.

    So leaving it plugged in overnight shouldn't cause any problems.

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    i am pretty sure that the iphone will do that. most modern stuff has a battery regulator in it, overcharging batteries can make them unstable and even explode so i am sure the iphone already has that

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    Yes, this does exist on the iPhone. If you're in iTunes, you'll see the battery symbol beside the iPhone change from a lightning bolt to a plug once the iPhone has been fully charged. I've never checked, but you should see the same thing on the iPhone's battery too.
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    Yep, iPhone header battery will show the plug as well once it's at 100%.
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    The iPhone (just like Apple's iPods) uses an IC component that controls the USB and charging circuitry (Google for Linear Technologies LTC4066). It powers the iPhone from the external power source if available. The LTC4066 also keeps tabs on the battery charge state so, if it needs charging it will charge it, if it doesn't, the LTC4066 shuts off the juice to the battery so you cannot overcharge or damage it.
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    Thanks for the info everyone, this all makes me feel a little better about the lifespan of my battery


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    yea and for confirmation. Ive had my iPhones since day one of last year, and got the new 3G one to. I plug all of them in EVERY night and have never ever had battery problems. ever.

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