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Thread: Native iPhone Compiler

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    Default Native iPhone Compiler
    Theoretically speaking, would it be possible to cross-compile the gcc source code with the iphone platform as the target host? It would be infinitely awesome for the "on-the-go" developer looking to compile something he/she has just thought of, for example, whilst standing in line at the local Taco Bell.

    A native IDE wouldn't be a very daunting task either, if the native compiler/linker actually worked... Just theory, though

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    Have you heard of Jiggy? It may be what you are looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Chronic View Post
    Have you heard of Jiggy? It may be what you are looking for.
    Yes, but hell no. Jiggy is not a compiler, it's a JavaScript framework which aids in the creation of "mixed" Web 2.0 applications. Not native 3rd party applications, such as:
    Jiggy apps might run natively, but are NOT native iphone applications, seeing as how thier apps are written in a scripting language whereas iphone apps are usually written in either C or Objective-C.

    Read their site:
    Thanks anyway, though!
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    So you want to use the toolchain to compile the toolchain?
    The idea of coding on the iPhone's keyboard is nightmarish, and I bet it doesn't have the quickest compile times either. But it would be interesting none-the-less.

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    This project would definitely prove useful in the long run.
    Think about it...

    You're sitting in line at the DMV, bored out of your mind, when all of a sudden your fellow developer friends send you a project that you agreed you would finish working on. A few keystrokes and finger swipes later, your project is completed. So you save it, compile it, test it, package it, and send/share it directly from your iphone's IDE, before your waiting time is even over...

    Of course, the reality of tackling a native compiler/IDE project proves a great level of difficulty. A rather deep knowledge of iphone-binutils, LLVM, ARM, MacOSX/Cocoa, C/OBJ-C, GCC & ASM would be required just to get started.

    Still... it would be really interesting to see.
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