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Thread: Single Call Delete App

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    Default Single Call Delete App
    To any app developers:

    Deleting a single call is a must-have feature for my phone for many reasons.

    I know there was a program named "Calld" that supposedly allowed this function, but I am using an unlocked, jailbroken 2.0 phone, and cannot find anything in Cydia.

    Please help -- does anybody know of a hack that works for 2.0 that will allow this. Or can somebody develop one and release it. Only speaking for myself, I would contribute nicely to any paypal account that designed a working app solving this problem -- and I cant imagine I am the only one wanting this.

    Thanks -- I love this phone, but my call log can get a man in trouble.

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    I'll jump on this bandwagon also!... There are 6 apps out there that turn your iPhone into a flashlight, but nothing that makes it perform a function that even the crappiest $20.00 cell phone can accomplish!! And while we're at it, how about voice dialing via bluetooth?

    Apart from CallD there're a couple other third party apps that haven't been ported over to Cydia yet. One is called iLog, and I emailed the dev last week. He replied that it would be be ready for release in one to two weeks. Perhaps you and anyone else you know could email him as well, enough interest might motivate him to get it up there ASAP...

    Another is WeTool, it was on the old installer app. but has vanished in 2.0 as well. The dev is Korean, I think, and there isn't a great english language method of contacting them.

    I'd love to know if anyone else out there has any ideas.
    Can't keep deleting that whole list much longer...

    Sorry.... WeTool dev is Chinese...

    Also forgot to include the link for iLog:

    Too worried about that call log...
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    Thanks for the info Kranky. I was starting to think I was all alone out there in needing this app.

    I e-mailed the maker of iLog, and I will post his response if and when I get one.

    If you hear of anything, please come back here and share.

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    iCallBR in Cydia..............

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsx664 View Post
    iCallBR in Cydia..............

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