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Thread: A sensitive matter, SMS backup aspp

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    Default A sensitive matter, SMS backup aspp

    I'm a little desperate.
    I suspect my wife is having an affair which she communicates through SMS on her iPhone (1.1.1 jailbroken). She deletes these messages. I am left questioning my sanity. I suspect but I don't know. I'd like to know.

    I would like to request an app for which I would gladly compensate which could make a backup of those sms and a way for me to retrieve... So if she deletes them I still can read them later. Or some way of forwarding these to my phone.... Or anything else that could help...

    Please help.

    I appreciate it.


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    Having them forwarded to your phone.. isn't that illegal?

    Check your bill online, and see who she texts the most, then text them.

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    Default Sorry to hear that dude.
    First off, I'm sorry to hear that you suspect your wife of cheating on you.

    You should just check the bill (online) and see the number that she "text" to most and go to a public phone and call that number......because if you are incorrect and you "text" that person back, you're fried!!!!

    Be smart about could be that you are just being paranoid but I wouldn't risk this if you're not at least 75% sure that she is cheating on you.

    Hope this helps.

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    Dude! Is this a joke?? Damn, if it's not, I'm sorry, that sucks!!

    Ok, look a freind of mine, who is ALWAYS cheating on her dude, does the same thing, and he aslo got suspicious. Yep! That's exactly what he did, got the bill, which is super easy to do, or just view it online, then he text the number that was there the most. And you'll know which one, cuz you will have been at work, or just not around, when all these texts are being sent! So he just sent a really vague text, i think she said he sent something like "Hey there"! And sure enough the text back was "hey baby" so he sent back, do you miss me? and so it went on and on. He sent hey meet me here at this time, and it all went down!

    Told her it would happen one day! I told her over and over, but, she said that deep down, she must have wanted it to happen and get it over with, but, still a shitty thing to do to someone CHEAT! ugh!! But, hey she's my frieind and what she does when she's not around me, doesn't affect me!
    But, back to that, yep if you suspect it, you are probably right, sorry hate to say it, but, our feelings are usually in tune most of the time. Sorry again, if it turns out to be true.
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    I'm married, and you don't want to make a mistake. Check the bill, grow some balls and approach your wife. Honesty always works in the end Bud. Kinda cliche, but none the less true...


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    Thanks guys for the support. My situation is not so clear cut.
    I did check the phone records a while ago and I do know who is on the other end.
    Someone she works with (a problem in itself). But the ***** is leaving this Friday and from what I read in the few messages I intercepted, there was nothing explicit just flirting type. Point is I don't have a complete picture and I am not stupid to expect my wife would be completely honest with me about it. Of course she says its just an joking around. By no means acceptable to me but I have to be measured in my response. On one hand I dont want kick her out or be over controlling over a "You look nice" message but at the same time if there is something more I dont want to be a doormat. Really. I was hoping to get a complete picture with some kind of app.

    I don't care about legality here. I care about my life. So if I have to bend or break a few rules to get some proof either way. I can live with that.

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    Default Maybe this will help
    Sorry to hear about your situation dude. I don't know about any app that will let you do that but i did read about a device a while back that actually allows you to pop the sim card into it, then into your computer and you can read deleted messages (with time, date, and number).
    Although, priced at 129, it ain't too cheap, it could be worth it in the end. ebay had them for sale for only 39.99 but i don't know how good they are. You might find one even cheaper else where too. If you do, let me know as i would like to have one too.
    Here's a link to one of the sites:

    I hope this helps and that you get it sorted out.
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    Actually I had such a device and it works well enough but one problem.
    The phone has to store the sms on a sim. iPhone does not

    I swear I heard that someone was talking about sms being a db file.
    Couldnt there be a program that makes duplicates of that file in shell every hour or so...
    Then I can shell into it and copy and read with hex editor. I'm sure its not encrypted....

    Any ideas?

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    Is this really a matter to be discussed in an open forum?
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    damn mann.. sorry to hear..

    if it's one thing i hate the most is cheating. Why cheat? you chose to be with somoene so stay with them.. are there people u might connect with better? of course.. but u made the choice.. but there are a lot of angles to why people cheat but..

    next time you intercept write down the number and there u go..

    this is what i would do..

    wait for her phone to be in an accessible area where she is not paying attention to it.. swipe it into your pocket and hide it!! make sure all the sounds are off.. then when she looks for it play dumb.. and help her look for it.. (throw it into your car or something).

    play dumb and hope u get some more messages.. respond as her and talk to him like ur going to meet .. if he answers in shock u know she;s not cheating, but if he responds like it's a reoccurring thing then u know..

    if u already know the number then just call it and go "is so and so there?" he'll be like "no" then u go "oh is this (phone number)" he'll say yes... try and make small talk and then ask the question "so who is this?" hopefully the small talk throws him off guard and he'll answer the question ; >

    hope you solve this soon..

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    Actually that wont prove anything b/c if i was flirting with a girl and say she never let it get far enough. Then all of the sudden she wants to meet up. I can imagine one would just agree and NOT act surprised by it. But if I am wrong, it will be exposed...

    I was actually thinking about spoofing a message from him and she if she bites...
    But dunno how to do that either.

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    ok well i looked into and your right.. the sms is a .db file..

    it's located under


    i downloaded my sms.db file and low and behold every freaking SMS message is there.. EVEN when i had the old firmware!!

    it was broken with a lot of special characters but the messages were there!!

    even the phone numbers were there!! so there's your answer.. u just have to access your wife's phone extract the sms.db and all her messages will be there

    or u can just use mobileFinder, MobileTextEditor ... get those from installer and u can read it there too! it;s still broken,.. but if u can find a .db reader then ur golden ; > but like i said you can still make out all the messages and phone numbers with notepad.. u just have to ignore all the weird characters
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    Ok, first off. This probably shouldn't be discussed here, as the moderator hinted to previously. Secondly, if you really need to find out, talk to her or one of her close friends. Chances are if she is, she's already told someone.

    If you must get the messages from her phone, there are many ways. You should be able to SSH into her phone to retrieve the sms' wirelessly without her knowledge, or you could clone the SIM, which would have all calls and messages not only sent to her phone but to any other you'd like as well. I warn you though, as far as I know this is HIGHLY illegal. For your sake I really hope you don't have to do this stuff, because if she isn't doing anything, you could seriously mess up your relationship. My suggestion, either talk to her directly or let her know that you did come accross some messages that you felt were inappropreate and that really hurt you. Ask that she please respect your relationship and not do it, even if it was just in jest. Good luck...

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    Dude, having been on the receiving end of this as well, it really sucks. But one thing that everyone has failed to mention: the trust is gone. Obviously you suspect soemthing drastic. The trust has been damaged, cheating or not. Hardest thing to get over. If she isn't, thats easier to handle. If she is "psuedo-cheating" will always be second guessing your relationship. I say psuedo meaning flirting but no actual contact. Careful what you wish for, once you cross that line you can never go back. You might think you want to know the truth, but you might be better of not knowing. Would you want to know that she could have been with him just before you or vice versa? Just be careful.
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