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Thread: any office app for the iphone

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    Default any office app for the iphone
    looking for any compatible office app to open word, excel and powerpoint thks

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    yeah taht would be cool. think powerpoint presentation editing on iphone

    and btw, welcome to modmyi
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    Quote Originally Posted by iWant 1.1.1 View Post
    yeah taht would be cool. think powerpoint presentation editing on iphone

    and btw, welcome to modmyi
    cheers using 1.1.1 loving it every moment.....

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    Yeah I agree with an office suite. I mean Apple could really benefit if they was to release something like this and it would make their phone sell more. Not only is the iPhone selling really fast, but other "Smart Phones" out there is what people want. I mean someone could easily turn the iPhone or iPod Touch into a productivity powerhouse if someone was to write an app like this.

    I wonder if Google will make their Google Gears for the iPhone & iPod Touch? This would allow you edit your docs offline and while on the go, when connected back to wifi or your celluar network, you could upload them and present them when back at a computer or just leave your docs on your device.

    It would be nice having something like this. I donno, hopefully something is in the works.

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    I may be wrong here, but due to licensing issues I think this is up to microsoft to make, not apple. Apple could make something else that would open MS branded office documents, but not a direct office release for the phone. Chances are, unless MS decides to do this (which I somewhat doubt since they will want cash for it and who pays 100 bucks for office on their phone?), Apple will not. There is a program called OpenOffice for windows, if there is something like it on Mac perhaps a port may happen. This would be exciting! I think it's up to the openoffice community to take it from here!
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    A compatable app for office and Openoffice documents/ There are really several requests for this in one fashion or another throughout this forum.

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    BUMP for this idea. Isn't the iPhone OS based upon MacOS? Which is based upon Linux? And there IS a Linux version of OpenOffice.

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