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Thread: Record Phone Calls

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    Question Record Phone Calls
    Here is another idea ive just thought of whilst sitting at work

    When you are on a phone call it would be bloody good to have an app that you can run that will start recording the phone call to say a .wav .mp3 .whatever file and store it somewhere

    I have had soo many phone calls where i was like damn i wish i could of recorded that.. Some people out there must know what i mean

    How easy is this to do?

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    No idea if its easy , but thats a hell-of an idea. Just imagine recoding your friend and showing it to everyone lol.

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    yeah i used it on my old sony ericsson .. its the best :-P

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    definetly could be doing with this would be perfect as .mp3 i have to admit someone or anyone whot the possibility in this ?
    The Man With 2 Plans

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    really nice idea, could be used to prove people stuff and ect.

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    So we all know its a good idea.. anyone willing to take up the challange ;-)

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    jc if i could i would unforgenetly i have no skills to do this so big SHOUT to someone who could and would be interested in doing this for us and all, would be fantastic and a great asset im sure
    The Man With 2 Plans

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    Looks like nobody wants to do this .. shame though would be a really handy app.

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    Good idea had it on my 6600, too bad nobody care's enough to make this app. I should learn how to program

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    Had this on my Treo as well. Great resource. Don't see why VoiceNotes couldn't have this feature added. Erica?
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.

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    very handy application .. plz take the challenge

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    wow... this is such a great idea we should do that... :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurisko View Post
    Had this on my Treo as well. Great resource. Don't see why VoiceNotes couldn't have this feature added. Erica?
    VoiceNotes - Erica you know you want to add this to your app ;-),,

    go onn go for the challange

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    Loved this function on my rokr E2!

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    I very much want this as I like keeping track of the conversations I have with people (much like I back up texts, emails, IM's, notes) - perhaps if we offered up a reward for its completion. Kinda like a commission?

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    I will be more than happy donating for this app.. Someone show their intreast in creating the app and then we can talk money :-p

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    Smile RE:
    This would be an awesome app....Had it on my nextel....Great for recording directions,important phone call with details....Very useful

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    yea... somebody get it...

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    This has been quiet for abit now .. anyone had any ideas ???

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    I would be willing to donate for this also. Only wish i could program

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