The application should:

First be downloaded from Installer v.4 or Cydia.

Downloaded onto Springboard and then you can tap it.

Goes through a registration so that you have your own personal account and the information is then forwarded to your email address.

Fill in information:

-Email Address
-Protected PW
-Confirm PW

Once done, you can now click the "Activate" button and you have officially hidden all your apps on your springboard and it's nowhere to be found unless you tap the middle which has a transparent app that will then pop up and ask you for the password to show all the apps.

Use your password you provided during your registration with the app.

Everything comes back up and the transparent app is now in full color for later use.

I want this because while it's transparent you can look at your awesome background picture or you can easily use this instead of using the passcode lock given on your iPhone instead or you could have twice the security.

The application will not show the apps if it's activated and then put to the "Slide to Unlock" screen. You will still need the password to show all your apps again. I think this would be useful but I'm not sure if any developer out there has done an app like this before. There are similar apps probably but I think I'd like this the best unless someone already created this app haha. Let me know if anybody did!