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Thread: perfect voice changer/call recorder

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    Quote Originally Posted by iphonetech122 View Post
    Im sorry if I cant spell theory it was a typo but anyway im only like 25% done with this app it really hard to make and no one is helping me but I will post it in the downloads section when im done
    ...So when u say the app is 25% done, u meant u just made a picture for the program ?

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    no I made the icon too..but seriouslly I'm trying to make the app but I have no idea where to start I only made the icon and a pic of what the app should look like
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    OMFG!!1! We've got a graphic and an icon, the application is donE! Oh, we need one of those installer thingies! Gotta fire up photoshop and code that next...

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    This is a good idea, I'll give him that. This would have been perfect for that dude in the "Scream" movies...but he did lead us to believe it was legit and not just a pic.

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    I should not be ban because I gave the idea and I said like 5 times that it was not done then I also said that it was just an idea and I needed help to do it read the very first post just becuse I said 25% done that does not mean anything how about I say im 5% done if it bothers you that much

    sorry I was kinda unclear I did not mean to lead you to believe it was legit and not just a pic let me be more clear I think this will do the trick I should have said this before its a mock up pic
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    Dude, you're zero percent done. Mocking up a graphic is nothing, you have no code.

    Writing code is several billion times more complicated than firing up Photoshop and doing some copy/paste to fake up a screen shot.

    25% done would mean that you've already figured out how to capture audio and perform live waveform modification at a bare minimum, and most likely these would only be getting called from the command line. Have a working GUI, maybe another 10%. Selectable waveforms, 10%. Integrating with existing iPhone functionality, 35%. Debugging, 20%.

    I'm just throwing out numbers here, but hopefully you see the point. A mock up graphic does not help in any way with the code being written. It's like J. K. Rowling typing up a piece of paper that says 'Harry Potter: Book 8', taping it to the cover of another book, and saying that she's almost done writing it. It just doesn't work that way.

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    I think everyone should stop talking about my mistake about % and try to do something to get it done instead of complaining that will never get the app done

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    ban is probably extreme.....but in the future....just do a little better in learning how to add. Making a picture...sorry i mean 2 pictures is not really close to coding an app. Also Misleading posts don't really help anyone. However, the idea was great and i really think this app has potential...probabl the best bet like i said earlier would be to look into the source of the vnotes app. Spread the idea around in other threads or iphone sites. There might be other coders out there who have more experience with the actual coding rather than just designing some pictures who would take this project on.

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    yeah...chill. all ideas are welcome here...and in time, all fraudsters will be exposed as well. good idea man...just be more a little more up front with what progress you've made in the future to keep people from getting all upset
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    don't want burst every1's bubble but this app is way too early. In order for any one to make this app, they would need to modify the phone app not since you will need access to everything that app uses, including the dialer and sound in/out and run them through a filter.and then again what do I know

    that's another 25%, almost done with the application guys LOL

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    I hope this goes well

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    any option to record the incoming calls to Iphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by chenthil123 View Post
    any option to record the incoming calls to Iphone
    I's like even outgoing calls...

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    You went from 5% to 25% in a few hours!

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    This is probably something you could easily charge $20 for. People would buy it.

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    Try to take code from Spoofapp Its same program but with option to change displayed number. And better make ur app free, think how many people will be happy because it's free.

    Sorry 4 language but i'm polish

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    I wouldn't say to make it free, but $20 seems like a but much to me... I would pay $5-$10 for an app like this, just as long as it works properly.

    And BTW, this is the app launches sub-forum, not 3rd party app requests; that is why everyone got all mad. That and minimalizing the importance of the code...
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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