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Thread: I doubt this is possible but give it a read!

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    Default I doubt this is possible but give it a read!
    Verizon has a device that you can plug into your notebook or pc via USB and it connects you to the internet using a slow GSM like connection...
    What I was wondering is would this be possible to do with the iPhone? Basically port the edge connection from the phone to your laptop so you can use it to get internet anywhere. I know why do this when you can already get the internet anywhere on your phone... Perhaps you can use other applications e.i Chat, E-mail, or even to view movies that Mobile Safari cannot view? Sorry if this idea sounds completely crazy but its been on my mind for quite some time now.

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    it's called a tethered internet connection. this used to be possible over att/cingular/tmobile for free, but they've recently made it only possible if you add it to your plan. this is in addition to edge. i'm sure this is possible, or will be possible with the iphone, but I personally don't think it's worth it.

    if you want mobile internet on your laptop, get one of those antenna cards for whatever wireless carrier you prefer. they are faster, but probably a bit more expensive than a tethering plan.

    sorry to crush your dreams, but mine were crushed when att started charging for tethering. i had been doing it for years

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