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Thread: [REQ] Handwriting input

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    Default [REQ] Handwriting input
    I really interested in a Handwriring input app which i think it is a big draw back for a touch phone w/o one. It is possible right? thanks

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    What, you mean writing with your finger?

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    ya i think thats what he means. i think thats kinda a weird idea. theres a program that lets you draw with your phone. but not to bash on ur idea, but seems pointless since there isnt a lot of screen space (like when texting) unless its in landscape but even then, its easier to text.

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    I am assuming he wants something where you can just write with your hands (or a stylus) and then it converts it into text, kind of like the pal OS (or at least the old ones, I haven't used one for at least 5 years). If this is what You are talking about it is definitely possible but unless you steal a build from something like Palm OS and port it, it would take quit a bit of work to produce (especially if you wanted multiple language/alphabet recognition)

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    Default handwriting recognition
    i was just thinking about this, it might be easier (when i say easy i mean still hard but not like building from scratch) since all version of OSX after 10.2 have Inkwell built in, which is handwriting recognition with use of a tablet, or on the modbook which has a wacom digitizer built in. theoratically you could port this technology into the iphone (if it isnt already there somewhere) and combine it with something like sketches to use as a notepad, or possibly system wide. i realize the drawbacks to this but it might be useful for quick notes etc...

    i am not smart enough to do this but someone probably is... any takers?
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