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Thread: REQUEST: iPhone in-call voice through car speakers

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    Default REQUEST: iPhone in-call voice through car speakers (will pay $40 via paypal)
    Is there anyway to create an app that makes it possible for the iphone (while docked) to play the phone call over the car speakers. If you plug your 3.5mm into the iphone and into the car, it will do this, but I already have a dock in place and it looks much cleaner.


    Any thoughts on if this is even possible?
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    already works buddy, one of my favorite things is having my ipods (and now iphone) hooked up through aux on the car stereo....whatever the phone outputs in sound will go through the car speakers. you kinda gotta cover the mic when you take turns talking to someone or else their voice will echo on their side...

    i had to buy a generic 3.5mm stereo jack with soft rubber plasic and cut it back a bit because they wont fit into the beveled insert on the iphone

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    Sorry I guess I wasn't too clear. I know that I can do it that way, but I want to be able to play it through my dock that has an aux out. For example, I have my iPhone sitting in a Griffin Tuneflex ( It has an aux plug and I would like to be able to simply set it in there and have it play the call through the speakers without having to plug into the recessed headphone jack.

    I just changed the title to include a $40 reward for an app that does this. I'm not if this will help people at least give it a shot or not.
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    I also am very interested in an app that makes this possible. I believe it was possible to send phone audio through the line out in previous firmwares, but not anymore unfortunately.

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    and there has been someone working?

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    I tried my iPhone through my new iTrip AutoScan today, it plays music fine, even plays the ringtone fine but does not allow voice through car stereo.
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    i just want to call with bottom connector on the iphone.



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    Default Bump
    I would also like to know if anybody has any updates on this. I also have the iPhone integrated with my stereo and would to know if we can get voice over the stereo when connected via the bottom dock connector.

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    My Jabra 700 connects via bluetooth and then has an option to feed the audio to the stereo via radio signal. Works great

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    I have my iphone hooked up to Aux and i can hear everything on speakers EXCEPT calls. Interested in an app like this too!

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    It doesn't have anything to do with an app.. it has to do with 3rd party hardware compatibility. As of right now I think the only way to accomplish this is with a head unit that has integrated bluetooth. That's how I've had mine set up in 2 diff vehicles.

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    There are some iPod docks that can be intergrated into your car's stereo system. They are specific to your car model. Some connect into your XM connection, some are just hardwired into your aux input.

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    I have mine set up on my sunvisor connected to the aux in on my stereo and it works great. No feedback and no echo. To get rid of the echo, you have to find the "sweetspot" on the volume of your stereo and the volume on your iphone. I have a video of the setup on youtube, you can check it out and it may give you a few ideas. I am also planning on running a charging cable the same way and I will have a video for that also.
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    i like seeing everyone's different car setups. Great for ideas

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    some are still missing the point. the setup that is desired is using the fm modulator type doc station and still hearing phone calls over the speakers. Currently it rings through speakers and then cuts off the speaker mode when the call is answered. I just bought a doc tonight. The Griffin unit. I will take it back if not possible.

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