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Thread: BlackBerry Messenger

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    I think he installed whatsapp on blackberry and changed the design somehow...

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone posrjak's Avatar
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    Yeah maybe, the whole website deal gives up no information As he claims

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveVegas View Post
    Yeah I'm not from the US too. I had no idea that whatsapp is availible for the blackberry?

    In the video you can see it is actually the BBM. However on the iPhone you cant see what program it is. The smokey background says nothing.

    Can someone from the US check this link yall? Get a free iPad


    Yeah it's available since three months I guess. Normally it works fine altough sometimes it doesn't work.

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    Can u give us a link?

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    We most certainly need this!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Just think if Blackberry Meesenger is controlled through their Blackberry servers and each device is regeistered with the server, Apple would most definately do the same thing but have more limitations (as they always do). Each iphone would be registered to Apple server (which might happen considering Apple is planning something big).

    This would probably mean more restrictions on your iphone but then again someone would create a hack in that case.

    Whatsapp is a good app at the moment. Works to communicate with both the BB and iPhone community and is on push.

    Ultimately BBM on an iPhone format would be the next thing. Maybe in iPhone 4.0 we may have iChat, the BBM equivalent

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    this person is using bbm 5 on his blackberry which allows you to add contacts just using their mobile number. This allows you to send sms messanges to this contact from the bbm application. On the iphone he just changed the sms application background which is easily done with an app from cydia.

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    bbm is the only reason why i can't let go of my gemini, as soon as the iphone gets one then i'm back to just 1 phone! it's such a hassle to be carrying around 2 phones all the time!

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    There is an app for iPhone to iPhone chat, by the same people that made TextFree. It's free on the App Store. It's called i2i Chat.

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    yes there are 2 Apps which can be used both are explained in this link.

    Top 2 BB Messenger for iPhone ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatrat View Post
    Here's a guy who figured out a way to do it:

    YouTube - First time Blackberry Messenger on the iPhone
    Yes what is this? İts impossible? i wanna BBM for my iphone even i can pay for this...

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    Wink Just a quick reply
    I have been using iphones text messaging between iphones which works similrly but not exactly the same as BBM but I understand that RIM is working to adapt alot of their apps to iphone to keep corporate clients happy who have both or MANY different phones on hand or they have users that use their personal phones. I hope it is soon and not after I am gone.

    Quote Originally Posted by innovaciones View Post
    I dont think this could be done because you will always need the blackberry backend to use the bb messenger, i have a bb and an iphone too, i wish in the future apple implement something like that but only for iPhones, that will be great.

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    if you guys watched a video of how bbm send a message to iphone through text , then its fake and heres the link to it RE : BBM For iPhone (FAIL LIAR) - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedj View Post
    Im in the UK too, but I checked the link using a proxy and its just a referral site, nothing about the instructions, so the link is fake, but I want to know how he does it
    It's a piece of pie if you're jailbroken but u can also use that as an iexplorer
    It's not a what's app it's a text messaging app but changed the icon and splash screen using ifile u could see on the bbm it has a phone logo beside the name iphone so it's a text messaging app lol

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