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    Wish someone would come out with an app that we can actually send pictures in a text. $500 for a F$^%&*(# phone tha twon't even send a picture. Anyone know if the 3G will or not?

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    Don't know, but don't expect one out of the AppStore; it would have to deal with system code, and that's a big no-no by Apple's standard.

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    It's a software thing, not a hardware thing. The first iphone and the 3g iphone have the same software so no. It probably will never have mms. Apple wants people to email pictures for whatever reason so don't get your hopes up for mms. Tell your friends to get a new phone that has email capabilities.

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    There is a MMS application available for the first iPhone >> Swirly MMS ( Swirly )

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    what i don't understand, is how did u go out n buy a 500dlr phone not knowing if it sends mms. do some research pal, especially if ur gonna go spend that much money on something. i knew every in and out of the iphone before i dropped a penny on it.
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    First if you are just ranting, I would have stated that earlier. Second, I am just saying give it time....Maybe Apple might come out with something, maybe they won't, but look at it like this.....the AppStore idea was NOT CREATED BY APPLE INC.

    I'm saying we have some talented developer actually let me rephrase that, we have some DAMN talented developers with these phones in their possession and a vision so I am saying give it time. Other than that, welcome to MMi.

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