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Thread: PhotoBoard suggestions

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    Default PhotoBoard suggestions
    Cool app! Here is some suggestions to make it even better!:

    1. When a photo is under another photo, it should move to the top when you move/tapp on it.

    2. Groups. You should be able to create groups of photos that you can collapse/expand. Groups are in a little dock on the bottom of the screen. To create a group just import the photos, tap on the board and select "create group" (there is a free space on the bottom of the circle menu).

    3. Minimize photos. tapp on a photo to bring out a menu. There you can minimize to the "dock" (where the groups are). A space saver in the dock would be to switch between groups and minimized photos. And ability to scroll the dock left-right.

    4. choose background. My wallpaper doesent fit as a cool backround in the app.

    5. ability tp switch to the iphone original photo app, so we can replace the photo app with this one ..

    6. doubble tapp on a photo to zoom in.

    7. tap on a photo to bring out that menu (see 3.). in that menu you can choose view in full screen.

    8. in that menu you should be able to close photo

    9. you should be able to select what photo you want to import from the roll. not just the next one.

    What do you think? It would be nice to hear something from the creator. Is this possible?
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    Good list, especially Numbers 4 and 9. I think the controls for the app need a little smoothing out (for lack of a better phrase) as well - they seem kinda erratic in terms of how fast response or even if one of 'em works first time you try to invoke it.

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    Maybe when using two fingers on the background - as if resizing a picture, a transparent square could pop out, and pictures trapped in this square would automatically be grouped together in the middle - a way to support fairly quick grouping and several groups.

    Whipped up a quick sketch of how it would look:

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    nr 1 is the most imoportant! To view multiple photos now is not optimized. Only the last imported one can be viewed big without having all the other photos over it.

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    i like this app. but anyone can use setup function button? support!

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    how about removing the need to see ground zero from 911 before your actual photos?

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    Hi sorry for the long delay answer, I've managed to fix most of these points in the new version (0.4.0).
    The most important point for me was to help the iPod Touch user to import easily the pictures from the classic photo library.

    You can find this version on my repository :

    More informations and video demo on my blog :

    Zip version :

    Plist :


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    I am having a problem with Photoboard lately. It opens up all the pics I have taken from the iphone camera in much lower resolution, with big blocks of pixels (like when the native app brings them up BEFORE loading them completely) and the pic looks like CRAP (especially if I zoom in)!

    If I open the exact same pic from the native photo app the pic shows up great.
    The pics I have tranfered from the pc to the iphone still open up fine in photoboard (nice resolution - no pixel blocks).

    This did not happen in the past. Uninstalling/Reinstalling did not fix the issue. I am using .4 version.

    Anyone else experienced this?

    It is a shame as it is a great app.

    PS. I am on a 1.1.2 jailbroken and unlocked (from 1.1.1 OTB initially).
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    I thought this was going to be in the official App store?

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