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Thread: Home button to end call

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    I don't know how many people have already said this, but pressing the home key to end a call would stop you from multitasking. When you take your phone away from your face, the screen turns back on and there is a big red button that you press to end the call. I don't see how you could miss it and press the home button by accident unless you're pressing the home button as you're pulling your phone away from your face.

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    i have the same problem maybe if there was an application to press the home button twice to end the call. And then people can still multi task and when they want to hang up just press home button twice.

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    If you don't want the app just don't install it, but don't be a freaking troll and insult people who would find this app useful.

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    I also have a need for it as well as well as my sister. My sister is mentally handicapped (Mongoloid) and using iPhone. She seems to work with it quite well, it's only that she doesn't understand how to end calls. Means she calls and makes huge bills, because she intuitively presses the home button. I now have taken her phone away, which was not so nice of course.

    Could someone please take care of this app, to make live easier for those not in need of the multitask option? Thanks

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    Please, let me use this fuction too! The best way IMHO is to add to Activator's system commands "End Call" so that everybody will be able to setup single or double press of Home button.

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    To the people complaining, some people don't multitask when using the iphone. It is easier to press a physical button without looking at the phone rather than look at the screen and make sure you hit the right place. Sure, the way they have it right now is good and it might seem lazy, but for some people this is more practical. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to implement, a simple sbsettings toggle would be nice for those who would like to use the home button to end their calls.

    For me, I like the way it is and I'm used to it but I understand why it would be nice to have. I know I wouldn't mind using that feature every now and then. I'd probably end up using it all the time too.

    This is a requests thread, keep your flaming elsewhere. You're not being helpful.

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