So hear is an iPhone app idea I certainly wished existed.

Something that almost seems like a slight oversight on the iPhone
presents an intersting string of possibilities.

The iPhone is first and foremost pointed at people who love their iPod
and music so much they want those functions on their phone. And many
have probably realized that you can actually turn on and listen to
your iPod music WHILE you are simultaneously connected on the phone.

That's pretty darn cool but seems like an oversight because you can
not "mix" the volume level between the two to a point where the iPod
audio output would function as background music, or perhaps
intentionally mix your music over the phones audio output because you
are on a long hold.

As well, your party on the other end cannot hear what you are playing.

Basicly the volume just takes everything your hearing up ur down,
usually completely overwhelming the phone call.

(iPhone application idea coming now)

So an "imix-hijack" iPhone app would:
Allow you to mix the level of your iPod output and iphone output to
tweak a perfect mix of the two sources.

This tweak mixing could also apply to music while playing games as well.

Perhaps with earbuds on, the handset mic could be a directional audio
source to mix in the local sounds, like someone next to you trying to
get you to hear them. If you could mix them up, you wouldn't have to
grab your buds out of your ears all the time.

The next great feature of an iPhone-imix hijack would be to share the
music listening with your incoming callers.

Now I realize that first the Walkman and then the iPod made a big part
of music an "I"ndependent listening experience, but for the most part,
teenagers, college students, music lovers and professionals, are
really about listening with someone else.

Who with an iPhone would not like to have the option of saying "Hey-
listen to this" and be able to listen to the current playing audio

Next in this suite of audio mix operations: hold music! With the 3way
conferencing and call waiting features so gracefully implemented in
the iphone as call adding and merging, callers are being put on hold
all the time.

How about the current playing song is the hold music while waiting for
a caller to come back from a call waiting, or during an outgoing add a
call. That's how a landline conference call would work.

Finally a setting that would either allow mixed music to play through
the answer of a call or not, in case it's your boss, a client, or your

Ok- so this stuff may seem frivolous, but music is entertainment. When
your friends come over you put some music on, and enjoy it together.

Many workplaces have music playing all day, and thousands of iPod
owners everyday wear their earbuds and speak to people while listening
to music the other party doesn't hear.

Just to review:

Level mix multiple audio sources such as phone and iPod simultaneously.

Allow music to play over outgoing phone call to share a listening

Be able to turn that feature on or off.

Mix up handset mic to hear the world.

Have hold music!