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    i was wondering if some one was willing to port or make an app that will update your ip as it changers to the dns redirect site the program is here they have versions for windows, mac and Linux / BSD / Unix

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    this isn't possible as they don't distribute the source
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    damn thought it could be dissembled or something

    ok how about's zedyn Index of /doc/code/zedyn
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    The No-IP DUC source code is available for Linux, and this source code compiles successfully under Darwin. I didn't play around with it too much on the iPhone, but I was unable to get the Linux noip2 client compiled on the iPhone with FW 2.0.1. It compiled, linked and was code-signed, but it reported a bad system call upon execution, so it didn't exactly work.

    However, No-IP supports updates through HTTP GET requests, as they indicate on their Developer Site.

    Therefore, as long as you have a way to use HTTP (command line or Safari), it can be done without the DUC. From the command line, a utility like cURL or wget should work just fine.

    I installed cURL, gawk, grep and other common commands through Cydia. With such a configuration, a script like the below would work:

    (Well, I was going to put in-line code here, but it seems that the forum software globbed and digested all the dollar sign variable substitutions in the script, making it unreadable. Instead it is attached as a "*.txt" file for compatibility with the forum...)
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