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Thread: leave a note - app for 3G iphone (GPS) CHECK IT OUT!

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    Default leave a note - app for 3G iphone (GPS) CHECK IT OUT!
    okey, you are eating at a resturant and the chicken is really good. Pick up your iPhone and launch the "leave a note" app and write "this chicken is really good! yum yum yum".

    The message is saved on a server and when someone else with an iPhone + the app is within like 200m of where you wrote that note the iPhone beeps and he/she can open the "leave a note" app and read the note.
    You can choose how long the message will be saved, like if you write "the waitress is really hot" you may want to have the note deleted when the resturant closes in case there is a really ugly waitress the next day

    Another cenario. You are at the movies. The movie you just saw really sucked! Pick up you iPhone and leave a note to all the lucky people who has the app so they can avoid the movie.

    There is millions of cenarios, just think about it!

    You should be able to reply to messages. If someone leaves a note in a resturant recomending the chicken you could answer with a private message like: yeah but have you tried the beef? or a public message like "killing chickens is murder!!" or "no no no the chicken SUCKS!" that shows under the note so everyone can read it. You can read every reply to your note in the app wherever you are (not just in the note area).

    • leave a note that people within a smal area can read
    • reply to others notes, private or public. You can read all replies made on your note wherever you are.
    • notes can be auto deleted a specific time, like 10pm when the the resturant closes
    • you can read all notes you made in the app, and delete the notes who are too old.
    • maybe adding pictures to the notes!
    • there will be some inapropiet notes ofcourse. Report inapropiet notes and when 3 people has reported a note the note is deleted.

    What do you think? Im no developer so this is JUST A SUGGESTION! Someone else needs to do this . AND if so, make a version that doesent run in the background so you can release it in app store. Maybe you can use that push thing or something. You could make a version that runs in the background too for jailbraked iphones, but if you release it in app store (for under 5 bucks) the app will get more users and thats important if there will be any notes :P (and you will get paid :P)
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