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Thread: NEW APP IDEA, "PadLock", For anyone whos up to the task of creating it.

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    Lightbulb NEW APP IDEA, "PadLock", For anyone whos up to the task of creating it.
    Well folks i was wanting a app of this kind for myself and i looked for it but i see it does not exist(yet) , But i did think of an idea that seems simple enough for some one who knows how to create apps (not myself), but i figured why not share my idea and maybe some one can use it to everyone's benefit, so heres what padlock is all about:

    "Padlock" would basically be a program that allows you to lock specific apps (icons) on your spring board and maybe even your dock.

    Q.) Now you may be saying why do i want this if you can just put a passcode on your phone anyway?

    A.) Simple, what if you allow some one to use your phone ???
    i.e, cousin, brother spouse, co-worker,mom, dad, grandma/pa,child, stranger(it could happen), and they decide to take a look around your phone? peek in your text messages? look at your photos? in your email ? datebook? videos? or whatever private stuff you may have in your phone. now you may feel you don't have anything to hide, but what if you do? should you have to stand there and wait while they use the phone to insure they don't go through all your stuff? and we all know how people love to see your phone just to see what its all about, who wants them seeing you private photos or appointments, or texts? or mom hearing songs or seeing videos you that will make her hair stand u get my point. u decide what areas of the phone is off limits to people.

    The basic idea:

    1.)theres an icon on your springboard of a little padlock
    2.)you tap it and immediately the phone brings up the passcode/keypad screen like when your phone goes to sleep or its turned on/rebooted.( if you have the passcode feature activated.)
    3.)you enter the passcode ( the same one used for getting access to the phone when using the regular passcode lock feature) and the program opens.
    4.) when you open it for the first time of course there are no apps locked but the padlock app itself. but there would be a list that says " current padlock list" and below it, it says no applications, click "add" to add apps to padlock. The "edit" button would be in the top left corner. "Log" would be in the middle, and "add" top right corner.
    5.) when you click "add" the screen changes to a list of all installed apps shown on the springboard and dock and the to add an app to padlock you highlight it and a small image of a pad lock toggles next to the app name. to remove the lock tap again to toggle it off. after all of the apps you want have been chosen click the back button in the top left corner and it saves the choices and updates the main list with the apps u picked.
    6.) of course you click "edit" and just like with other iphone apps the red minus symbol wheel pops up next t the apps and when you tap it the delete button comes up on the right, that deletes the app from using a password.
    7.)When you click the "Log" button, the screen brings up a log of incorrect password attempts. listed with the date,time, app, and incorrect password used. then theres a clear button at the top to clear the log list. this way you know when some one has tried to access your apps,when, what app, and how many times, and if they are even close to your password so you can change it. maybe the log could even record successfull logins for the apps on the list so you still know when they have been viewed, in case some one figures out your password.

    Program operation:
    8.) so basically the program just prompts the phone to bring up the passcode/keypad screen as if the phone went to sleep with an immediate passcode lock when you come out of sleep mode. and just like when the normal feature is used after the correct passcode is entered the phone returns to the progams you were using. in this case the app that was selected would then open.

    so i guess the app needs to be able to force the phone to go to the passcode/keypad when the icons on the padlock list are started, as if the phone were coming out of a sleep mode, then it would proceed to the app after you enter the code. and also log the info from the password attempts linked to those apps.

    and thats about it, you've got privacy!!!! apple should have though of this! or atleast cut me a check for thinking out the

    let me know what you all think! and if you have any ideas for things i left out share them.

    and if anyone who knows how wants to turn my idea into reality since i cant, be my guest. and just email me and lets talk about it all.

    Id just like credit for the idea!

    P.s. sorry if this was long

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    You know I've been thinking of something like this. It would be nice to have some type of protection when your showing off your phone...

    If I helped you in anyway, show some love! hit the thanks button!

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    lets do it...pretty well thought out man
    For Help
    Private Message, Email, or AIM
    (My response time might be a little long)

    STATUS: Real busy all the time...

    Expect more when I find something guide-worthy.
    PM me and let me know if you need one.

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    For ease of implementatation, the easiest thing would be to just have the apps that are "protected" get hidden in the display file and restart springboard. I could do this app pretty easily this way. Unfortunately I have no use for it and am not doing an app I cant use for myself

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    why would you rub our nose in it saying you can do it but you wont cause you have no use for it......if its so easy to make markmon, then think about others...thats what this site is all about sucks when the evil people have the power.

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    Dude, calm down. markmon made a suggestion and said that he most probably won't put it into practice. Creating an application is often combined with a lot of work, no matter if the concept is easy or not. If he has no use at all for it, why should he create it and waste his time?
    If you don't have fun while working (for free!), where's the point?

    I suggest not to exaggerate this community stuff. Most members of the iPhone+iPod community do nothing than bugging the developers.

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    I think this would be sweet if it was like an old school combination lock, that you can turn using the touch screen like a real one.... oh well just an idea

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    Default easier way
    an even easier way of doing this without having to force the application to go to the passcode screen would to have one app and when you click that app it allows you to enter a passcode that will unlock the apps you have locked until you put the iphone to sleep

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    oh great idea brother.but i think no one out there with a helping hand yet, k lets wait.

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    it's a very good idea i was waiting for someone to come up with an app like that but i dont know how to hack at all, i just use but i think no one know how to do it if they do then prove me

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    I'm a noob when it comes too programming, but want to learn. I have some ideas for the UI, but have only scripting skills. However, I will make this my first effort, though it won't be anytime soon.

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    dudes this is real simple scripting...

    copy ur icon order plist to a folder

    use customize to hide all the apps u dont want people to see, except for the so u can toggle back to all ur apps and respring..

    move the new .plist that generates to the same folder...

    give it an alternate name

    write a shell script "" that renames and switches the 2 plist with mv commands
    respring and itll be back to passcode lock...


    I'm feeling generous so ill write a short script to get it done, but u have to generate and copy the M68AP.plist urselves gimme a few hours i have a couple things to do today...
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    PLEASE someone make this! I thought of that a while ago, too!!!

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    This is the perfect app for nosey girlfriends.

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    ok i wrote a basic script ill make it nice and automated

    i made it so u can only use the phone and an app to return all your icons... you can add additional icons that u dont mind people using

    just make sure u enable passcode lock or it's pretty much useless...

    one cavaet is they can still get into ur txt messages by using the contacts to send a text then backing back out..

    im contemplating even disabling the txt app when in locked mode what do u guys think?

    i'll post it when i get home just check back ina few hours...
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    Nice man, Pretty excited.

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    Awesome man!!! I cannot wait to try it.

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    great idea!!

    And thanks mkurasz for creating it, I can't wait for it to come out!

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    OK.. I have one done...

    At first i just hid icons but then i started getting crazy as there were alot of holes..

    Disables SMS
    Hides recent calls and Voicemail...

    I decided to keep the address book cuz i dont mind people seeing that...

    Basically u click the padlock and it resprings.... Then u slide to unlock no passcode needed
    all u have is a single icon to MobilePhone
    To respring back to all ur progs simply double click home and it will respring to ur default springboard... Just make sure you put a passcode on ur default springboard...

    Sorry theres no time to write a gui so only thing on there is the phone, if you want to allow more apps ur on ur own cuz for me it's nice to only have the phone open to a borrower...


    As per request i also added a version that hides ur address book. Favorites still show the number as i can't find where they r stored... Just dont keep anyone that shouldnt be in

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    Thank you so much mkurasz!!! It works without problems. Just double-click the home button to "unlock" it back.

    You should license this app and put it up on the Installer.
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