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Thread: [in dev] Minority report interface - Multi-touch screen

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    Default [in dev] Minority report interface - Multi-touch screen
    Hi folks,

    I'm just coding an app to see pictures like in the "minority report" movie.
    The native makes translation and scaling but doesn't make rotations.
    The app is still in dev (a little bug to fix) but you can use this thread to request some features, comments, submit ideas, etc.

    More informations and demo video on my blog :


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    looks really cool man!

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    very nice idea mate...

    A question:With this app,we will be able to view all our pictures or just one??

    Also you could add the code so after rotating-scaling-moving the picture,we can save it...

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    Now if you could have many pictures on the screen at once and shuffle them around, that would be ultra cool!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Multi-touch interface (from Adobe TED)[/ame]
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    1. You should make it flashier . add neon blue lines (gird) in the backgroung, blue neon numbers ticking in the corners when you zoom and rotate, blue fingerprints with rings and text circling around them showing up where you have your fingers and stuff. This app is only to impress and play with so make it so hi-tech futuristic as you can, like in minority report.

    2. When you "throw" the image fast to the bottom the image should dissepear and a new one (next in the album) should slide down from the top. Or maybe if you shake the phone hard up then down once?

    3. the app sould work with (or even replace) ""

    is that something you could do? It would be awsome great work btw

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    Wow. That is an awesome app! I cant wait to see this be released to the public! Thank you so much for helping out our community!

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    Please Release a beta!!!


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    Looking great man! Keep up the good work!
    It's out guys!
    Add to Installer

    Woot! It works great! =D
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    freaking awsome

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    This is great proof of concept work, and a nifty looking app. Looking forward to seeing more work on this. Shoot me a pm when you have your next version out, I'll pop it on the MMi source and get it out there!

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    I agree. Can't wait to see what's around the corner when Apple finally releases a real SDK.
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    im thinking your going to run into a snag when you figure its pretty hard to not have things display with an aliased edge when not at 0, 90, 180, 270.

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    i tried to just throw some more jpg's in the multitouch folder ...obviously it don't work. But that would be cool enough if you cant get it to work with the camera roll. just make it so we can throw our image in a folder and it will show up

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    i actually just found choo's code which is what you took,. the dev community is pretty small its kinda wrong to steal someones code and not give them credit.

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    Hey thank you guys for the ideas, requests, I've seen so many good things in your posts.

    The multitouch surface video is amazing, I would like to make the app this way (all the camera roll on the screen and you can do global rotation, move the pictures, etc.)
    I've just found a way to load camera roll pictures by doing sym-links (thanks to source code, it didn't work just by loading them directly from the app)

    @drunknbass : I don't know "choo's code", do you have more information about it ? it could help me to improve my app more quickly.
    Here are the few step for how I made the app :
    - I've started my app with the Pumpkin app (thanks to Sean Heber once again :-))
    - I've replaced the accelerometer axis value by the angle of the two fingers vector with the atan function, it's a hi-school level math problem. (I've found bits of multitouch events coding in and in the unofficial API via Google, I think it was Lucas Newman).
    - I've scaled the image with the distance between the two fingers.
    Transform matrix helped me a lot to do it very quickly.

    I'm agree with you by saying that people who helped deserve some credit and that what I'm trying to do for every app I publish, as you can see in my blog (


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    well if you go to the forums on and go to the contest section and look at the most recent post from choi. Its a fractal app that looks aloe like yours ex ept instead of a fractle you have an image. If you didn't use this code then I apologize

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    Oh ok, I know which app you're talking about. The author (Jasamer) leaved a comment on my blog after I released the multitouch interface beta about his app (because they looks like each other and both apps have different "uses").
    It's a cool app, I like the shapes you can do and the way it rotate, even out of the center of the picture/shape. Actually, I would like to use his code to do so but I didn't code the app the same way so I have to digg by myself to make this work.

    No problem DrunknBass, it could happen that I'm so exited to find a new stuff that I forget to give all the credit on the first post (was still a project when I posted), but it was not the case for this twin app.


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    Wow, this app is amazing. I cant wait until we can load out own photos into it and flip through them!

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    Default Choo is here too...

    Drunkbass gave me the link to this thread.
    I'll just believe you and assume that you're a good guy and have had the same idea...

    So if you're interessted in my code, you're allowed to use it; I think you know already where to find it:

    I used a NSAffineTransform to do the transformations, quite likely it's somehow compatible with the UITransformationMatrix (as both work with matrices).
    And the transformation part of my app is one of the rare ones which I even explained with comments.

    So long, Choo (==Jasamer)

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    I really am looking forward to the release when you can load up the pictures from the camera roll.

    When you're able to do this, I will be replacing the normal image viewer entirely and removing it's icon from my springboard .

    One feature I'd love to see in this as well is the ability to add multiple pictures to the one surface instead of only being able to manipulate one picture at a time.

    Also, do you plan on releasing the source code at all? I'm sure it would be extremely helpful to other developers, and also help people add to yours.

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