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Thread: Say who is calling

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    Default Say who is calling
    Well... my desktop-phone from 1995 says who is calling. I can also record a clip with the name and link it to a phone-number. When the person calls a female (actually it is the designers wife) says "Call from [my recorded clip plays]" or if the name isnt linked to a clip the female just says "Call from 12 34 56 78 90"

    It would be nice if someone could create such a program

    If so configurations like the possibility to record your own numbers in your native language and also the "call from"-clip should be possible to overwrite with your own clip.

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    THere is no spesific app for this but you COULD make a selectoin of ringtones and assign them to your contacts as a temporary fix?
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    i know that and i have thought about doing so but, well - i would really like such an app. It is actually nice having your phone reading up the incomming number or playing a clip telling who is calling.

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    I'm curious to an actual real answer to why this is a valuable application... why would reading a number out be of any use, and why would I want other people around me to hear who is calling or be able to hear the number being read. Just curious...

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