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Thread: An option to lock your screen when you are in a call.

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    Default An option to lock your screen when you are in a call.
    Hello guys, i was wondering if there is any aplication with that option. I would like to be able to completly lock my screen while in a call becouse apple's sencor for it doesnt seem to work very well for me and i accidenly push buttons when i have the phone in my ear so i Hold the call or Mute it or get into contacts and dial someone (nvr hapened to end a call till now).
    Anyway thx in advance. (and no the deafult lock button just ends the call when i press it)

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    That seems weird to me. Because when I'm in a call, firstly i put it up to me ear and the screen turns off. But i understand yours doesnt work. and secondly when I press the lock button while I'm in a call or calling someone the call doesnt end. it just locks my screen. Try calling someone, but instead of using your iphone use your headphones and built in mic as the headset. Then while the persons phone you are calling starts ringing, press the lock button twice. the screen should go black but your headphones will keep ringing. If this doesnt work something is wrong with your phone.
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    Thx for the reply jiniej, my phone does lock when i have headphones on or speaker activated but not while i am in a normal call, it just ends the call then :S
    I was wondering if there is any tweak or an aplication to make it lock when in a normal call also.

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    I think maybe you are hitting the lock button too early... I believe that when I hit the button when the phone is still ringing it will end the call. but if I wait for the other person to answer, then hit the lock button on top, it will lock the screen... then if you hit it again it will put the screen into sleep mode. Try that... because I never use the headset and it locks just fine.

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    nope :S it still ends

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    Mine does the same thing.

    Ends the call when I press the lock button, unless it's on speakerphone.

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    you know what, your right.. it does disconnect the call. I found that it only works as a lock screen button when you are using another source such as a bluetooth, earphones, or speaker phone... but when your just using the phone to your ear it disconnects the call.

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    so, would it be easy for a smart guy who makes aplications to make one for my problem? ;P

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    good idea. i was in a convo and next thing i hear is stop presing the ******* buttons in my ear!!!!! lol i guess my cheek touched itself into the keypad.

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    I never have the problem with accidentally hitting buttons but I would still like to see if someone could make a patch that modifies the plist file that controls the functions of the sleep button while in a call... I would think if someone could find it, then it would be as simple as copy and paste the command from one of the other sources. This sound feasible?

    I did a little reasearch and it seems that this only started happening after the 1.1.2 update. Before then, it would lock the screen, after 1.1.2 it started disconnecting calls. That was a dumb update.

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    guys, cant anyone just take a look into that plist file and see what he can find out? :P

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