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Thread: graphing calculator on iPhone

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    Default graphing calculator on iPhone
    Would a graphing calculator on the iPhone be too difficult? They already have a computer emulator. I actually have it on my computer now. If you go check out the wiki site for the TI-83 plus graphing calculator it doesn't use up very much power or memory. In fact the calculator itself only need 6 MHz of processing power and less than 512 kb of flash rom. With the calculator already commercially emulated for the PC would this be a very difficult task to accomplish. I know I would get a ton of use out of it. And if buttons were only the size of the iphones keyboard keys, there should be plenty of room for all of the buttons.
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    Starting from scratch would be very hard but if its ported then we should be ok

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    if anyone wants to give it a shot i would be glad to send them the calculator emulator for PC

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    Heres an easier way, an MAC OSX graphing calculator

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    It will be a great stuff having it on my iphone... I'm an engineer so I will use it a lot.

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    Anyone able to port a graphics calculator like the one in my link?
    I would really like one to go along with my scientific calculator and basic calculator.

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    What about HP 48 !!!

    this could help .... anyone??!?!?!?
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    I'd sure use it!

    Maybe even donate..

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    Default Psp
    It has been ported to the psp so shouldnt b hard to develop 4 the iPhone

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    this definitely sounds like it would be a good and useful app.

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    Engineer here, definitely would use it, and donate!

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    Still no luck for any TI series calculator?

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    Yep. I need a graphing calculator for college.

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    hey... i think we should have a graphing cal.. cause.. it would so awesome... to use grapphing cal on *****IPHONE******** during classs... :P:P ... i would suggest that we should have graphing cal on iphone ... :P:P:P ...

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    I'll pay money for someone to make this happen...

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    This would be awesome!! Instead of saying let me whip out my TI 83, let me whip out my iPhone!
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    Default MACalc will have graphing capabilities
    will have graphing capabilities.

    You can see how it looks like here.

    You will be able to save the result into the "Camera Roll" folder and download to your PC or MAC via iTunes.

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    i never really liked MAcalc set up. i wish something could be set up to look like maybe a TI-83 or something. still excited to see what comes up when the official SDK is released!

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    This would be an amazing app, and i would definately donate some money for it.

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