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Thread: App to hack NIKE+iPod Sports Kit

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    Default App to hack NIKE+iPod Sports Kit
    I purchased my iPhone to be a total replacement from all my other iPods. Yet this kit will only function with a nano so now I have to lug both around still? Now I understand why they made the Nike+iPod Sports kit exclusive to the nanos(back then), because they had a screen and ran off of flash memory which are ideal for the activities such as running since they have no moving parts.. and since the other iPods actually had spinning harddrives they didnt support them. But I dont understand why this kit doesn't work with our iPhones and Touches, because our devices also run off of flash memory... so there shouldn't be any reason why they haven't made a patch that allows the sports kit to work... infact I would think our devices would be even more ideal for use with this kit because they already have built in bluetooth and wifi, so the wireless device that plugs into the charging/data port wouldn't be required.. just a simple sync, another thing, iPhones having edge access would be able to connect to the so no computer would be necessary for syncing data, and as for Touches, they have wifi so the same goes there, no computer would be necessary... anyways, they haven't done so and there is no talk of them doing so in the near future, Devs this is where you come in! Could someone please make an app that tricks the iPod Sports Kit device into thinking that it is being used with a nano? Im not sure but Im guessing that maybe a hack would also have to take place with itunes so that the data gets synced to the website... sounds kinda complicated but this is something that I would really like to see happen and Im not sure why Apple hasn't done this themselves...

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    where do i get this app thing.. haven't heard of it before.. someone please reply.

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    he is asking for such an app to be developed...

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    this is the app request forum... Im just requesting it to be made if possible.

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    i second the motion why does the stupid nike ipod thing only work with my gay nano

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    Quote Originally Posted by off10hot View Post
    i second the motion why does the stupid nike ipod thing only work with my gay nano
    like I said, its because when it was developed, the nano was the only iPod that worked off of flash memory... but now that the iPhone and Touch are here, they should really get on the ball and release a patch to iTunes that allows the use of the these devices. They are missing out on a new and large demographic... unless their sales strategy is to make everyone that has an iphone also buy a nano just to use this stuff... I for one, own a nano, but I refuse to take it running with me now that I have the iPhone because I dont want to leave my iPhone at home and Ill feel kind of stupid carrying them both. LOL...What a waste...

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    This is handy. I too am looking for some functional Nike development code that I can incorporate into my other apps. Any help would be appreciated.

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