First off let me say that I think that this app is a wonderful piece of software, I use it while I am running at the gym and whatnot because it makes it super easy for me to change tracks and pause/play without having to look at the screen. I understand that this app was not intended for use while in an armband while running or working out, but rather for when you have it holstered to your belt or in your pocket...hence the name.

Now that being said, I would like it if the apps designer would take it a step further and give it some enhancements that would help track our workouts... Im talking about if they could maybe add two things to the app... and that would be a stopwatch with lap dividers, and also a countdown timer... I understand that the iPhone has both of these features built into the CLOCK app, which I do currently use when I run... but I have to switch between apps when I want to hit the LAP button on the stopwatch... which is bothersome when your trying to keep pace and you have to hit the home button, navigate to the CLOCK icon, then go to stopwatch tab at the bottom, hit the lap button... then home button, and navigate to the PocketTouch app... and since you actually have to look at the screen to do this it really slows you down in your run.

If I could design the UI for this addition it would go like this.
It would be great if there was a button in the corner of the screen(opposite that of the options button at the top corner) that starts the stopwatch, and by double tapping the screen it makes a lap marker on the stopwatch, and to stop the stopwatch you have to just hit the same corner button that you used to start it... the countdown timer could be a button in another corner of the screen, and the time would be set via the options...
Also it would give you the option of saving your times so you can compare and log progress, set goals, maybe even online support so you can challenge other runners. I dunno Im just spitting out ideas.

I hope the designer of the app will take my ideas into consideration or I hope that someone can make an app from scratch that can do all this... What do you all think?