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Thread: IDEA: app for save battery in the night

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    Default IDEA: app for save battery in the night
    hi, i´m thinking that maybe someone can make an app that make the next.

    automatically program a time when the phone shutdown total and put on.

    for example.... during the night.... i sleep at 24:00 so between the 24:00 and the 8:00AM that i wake up... there 8 hours that i dont need the phone...

    i think an app, like the alarm, that all the days between monday and friday, the phone automatically shut down at specific time...and put on at specific time.

    with this we can save maybe 1 day more of batterie.

    is the same that if i manually shutdown the phone all the days.... but i forget to do it..

    sorry for my spelling...

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    but if you press the power button,the phone goes into sleep mode and it consumes very little energy....

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    ...let's think about this app in this forum...

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    and if someone really needs to contact you???

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    i mean what happens to your iphone at night...standby time is great for the iphone!!!!!!

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    An emergency phone call, calendars, alarms? If the phone is completely "off" what resources would tell it to start up. Sleep button works great, or just use the dock that came with your phone.

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    heres an idea! how about you just sleep your phone and charge when you are sleeping! then you dont have to worry about batteries!

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    or maybe instead of shutting completely off.

    a night mode

    basically a even more energy efficient sleep mode, so it wont check emails every (put in time for email checks, mine for example is set to check every 25min)

    k, idk what other apps run in sleep mode but just cut down basically, is what i'm saying.

    Although i usually have my phone pluged in the car, b/c i listen to the music, and then leave it on the dock at night if its kinda low.

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    i dont think there should be an app needed for that i mean if you think about it the iphone lasts 250 hours on standby in the first place. so thats like nothing compared to this. Who cares anyways most people charge their phones when they go to sleep

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    I think that asking him "who cares" is not very productive. Who cares? He does, which is why he requested it. The Blackberry does have this feature, it allows you to turn the phone off at a scheduled time. This is useful if you don't want to get phone calls, e-mails, and texts while sleeping. Some people use their iphone as a business phone and anyone that has a legitimate emergency will call the home phone. Most people nowadays don't really have a landline, their mobile phone is their main phone, at least in America. Although I don't mind leaving my iphone on I can see the usefulness of such an app to some people.

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